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Claimed:Media Spot 2 (worth it for the bear playing hockey)


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Simon Tremblay Leading Americans in Plus/Minus

Thomas Erdbrink – New York Times




New York, NY - Last week there was a lot of drama in New York when New York Americans left wing Simon Tremblay was found passed out behind a dumpster off 5th Avenue.  Americans’ representative Sam Helberg released a statement stating the team supported Tremblay and he was receiving the help that he needed.  Despite his on ice struggles Tremblay continues to maintain his point per game pace throughout his career during the first half of the season.  Tremblay has 18 goals and 19 assists for 37 points in 38 games so far this season.  Shockingly, despite briefly going in to the hospital for detoxification Tremblay has not missed any games yet this season.  Tremblay is somehow leading his team in some surprising categories.  First he leads the team in plus/minus with a plus 17, 5 higher than the next closest (Keiji Toriyami with a plus 12).  Tremblay also leads the team in power play minutes, though he is tied fifth on the team in power play points.  This largely has to do with the fact that Tremblay has only taken 2 minor penalties this season.  It does appear that the Americans coaching staff is trying to keep Tremblay from burning out however, as he is only sixth on the team in time on ice.  One could say that Tremblay leads the Americans in all the most irrelevant stats.  Americans coaches maintain that Tremblay has been taking the steps needed to reach recovery. 


Seattle Bears Less Than Impressive

Jason Glasser – VHL Magazine




Calgary, Alberta - Going in to the season I thought for sure Seattle was about to take that next step up in their game.  I thought we were looking at a playoff team that would finally start to reap the fruits of this long hard rebuild.  With players like Sebastian Ball Jr., Karsten Olsen, James Lefevre, and Zack Sound starting to enter their primes, and players like Steven Smyl, Mikey Blade, and Godavari Yumalatopinto starting to emerge as solid young players, I felt that this team would surely take a playoff spot in the North American Conference.  However, Seattle has floundered early on and has only picked up 34 out of a possible 76 points.  This coupled with a recent surge by the New York Americans has left Seattle falling to the back of the pack, leading only the irrelevant Calgary Wranglers.  Head to head Wahl is just out playing Smyl and the Americans are getting more points because of it.  The Bears have a better goals for/against ratio, but somehow the Americans are just finding ways to win games.  Head to head the Americans and Bears have only played 2 games.  The Americans won both of them in regulation and that may be important down the stretch.  Maybe it’s their potent power play (good for 2nd best in the league) or the leadership of Keiji Toriyama or most likely the incredible play of Brick Wahl, but it is doubtful that the Americans will hold on to this playoff spot unless other players start to elevate their game.  

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Content: 3/3 - Awesome idea to have two different stories in the same media spot, something like that was never a thought to me. Also contained a hockey-playing bear, which was pretty rad.
Grammar: 2/2 - Almost flawless, well done.
Head to head Wahl is just out playing Smyl = Head-to-head Wahl is just outplaying Smyl
Appearance: 1/1 - Seriously, a bear playing hockey. That's just insane!
Overall: 6/6 - 
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