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Vasteras Acquires Toriyama from New York for picks, players


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"Beast of the Far East" Traded to Vasteras


Keiji Toriyama will now be scoring for the Iron Eagles, not against them.


VASTERAS, Sweden - As of a short time ago, Keiji Toriyama became a Vasteras Iron Eagle; unofficially of course, as he has yet to officially waive his No-Trade-Clause. That shouldn't be a problem as Toriyama has been quoted multiple times that he would be happy to play in Vasteras, despite the negative attention associated with the team. The deal sent Toriyama and New York's S37 4th round pick to the Iron Eagles, while in exchange the Americans received defenseman Damien Sandow, forward Guido Schwarz Esq., a Vasteras S38 3rd, a Helsinki S37 3rd, and Vasteras' S37 1st round pick. Toriyama is currently having a breakout season offensively, as he is currently tied for 4th in terms of overall scoring in the league with 24 goals and 34 assists for a total of 58 points in 38 games played at this point. Toriyama will join captain Willem Janssen on the top line, with the other winger on that line to be held by a temporary player while the Iron Eagles wait for another trade to be finalized...



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