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Claimed:Trades and Prognosticating


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For the first time in a long time it seems like we are going to have a season rich in trades and hopefully also a trade deadline that is rich in trades. The reason for the recent number of moves is that the VHL landscape has shaped a great deal over the past season. When you have the sheer number of generational superstars retire over the course of two seasons you are left with a markedly different landscape and with a different landscape you have new teams moving up and other teams moving down attempting to rebuild while they can still salvage some value out of their assets. The prime example is the Cologne Express who have already kick-started a re-tool, but I imagine it will become a rebuild in due time. In my fair opinion, the trade market for sellers may be at its highest point in a long time. Teams like Toronto, Seattle, Vasteras and Davos are new buyers on the market after teams like Calgary, Helsinki, New York and even Quebec begin to fade off in the sweet sunset.



LA LA LA LA LA LA LaFontaine

What will happen in the upcoming weeks until the trade deadline? That's a good question! What I do know is that Seattle is desperate to make a push past New York and that New York is probably equally as desperate for Seattle to overtake them as well. New York, if they are able to miss the playoffs after today's trade of Streetlight's asian-named player, will stand with two likely lottery picks in a draft that features some impressive re-create and first generation talent. Seattle of course has nothing to lose by making the push and much shame if they fail to make the playoffs since they don't own their first round draft pick this season. The jockeying for lottery picks will almost be as exciting as the playoff race this season. So, without further ado, what will happen this season? I'll make some serious prognostications right now.


Davos and Toronto will play for the Continental Cup with Toronto's Remy LeBeau finally capturing his first and what I believe his only championship. To me, these two teams seem the most likely to make it out of their respective Conferences. Helsinki appears weaker this year than in previous years and I highly doubt Higgins sells off his future to make one last push considering the haul he'll get from Quebec for Tukio next pre-season. Davos could add a small piece, but I doubt they have the assets or cap space to be able to do much of anything. I think Davos makes it into the finals on what they have, but I don't believe Moher to be good enough to top LeBeau. LeBeau will be this season's Kanou Trophy winner as the playoff MVP as the Toronto Legion cruise to that Cup in six games. I make this prediction based on the fact that Toronto will be able to add a piece or two to their roster at or before the deadline. Look at their stock of picks. Sandro needs to be given some serious credit, he's been a tremendous General Manager for them, one who quietly stepped down recently.





The playoff teams will be as follows: Davos, Helsinki and Vasteras in Europe. The European seeds seem fairly obvious to me. I'm predicting a first round upset with Vasteras beating Helsinki. Moreover, Cologne will sell a piece to Toronto on or before the deadline. In North America, Seattle will make the playoffs and fall to Toronto or Quebec in the first round. The Legion will defeat Quebec in the second round. The draft will be interesting. I predict that the Riga Reign will win the draft lottery over New York and select the top defenseman in the S37 Entry Draft.

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Content: 3/3 - It's amazing what just a couple retirements, especially the unexpected ones, can do to the league. Can't wait to see what other moves happen as this season starts to hit the home stretch.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty stellar, just one little goof.
asian-named = Asian-named 
some impressive re-create = some impressive re-creates
Appearance: 1/1 - Jim Mora alone scored you this point.
Overall: 6/6 -  :emot-buttertroll:
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