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New York Eyeing Slaughter?


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New York American General Manager Chris 'Advantage' Miller was recently in Europe doing some scouting. He saw several Brataslava Watchmen games, but that is perfectly sensible since both likely top draft pick hopefuls play on the same roster. Slaughter and Fjorstrom look to go first and second in the S37 Entry Draft with both Riga and New York showing interest in both. Miller had some time to speak to Slaughter in particular and the winger made no bones about his desire to play in New York next season.


"They have a good team already, some quality players and people in their locker-room. Why wouldn't I want to play for the Americans? Their General Manager is top notch and to me, that is the biggest thing. I don't want to be strung along, open communication is pretty important for me when it comes to the GM-player relationship. I've had some good conversations with both Riga and New York and at this point, I'm preparing to go to either one of those teams. It seems like they are both good, young rosters with some quality character guys. I'm excited for the draft and anxious to get it over with," Slaughter said.

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