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Olynick Sees Open Door Opportunity


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Just a little halfway over the both the VHL and VHLM seasons, all teams in their respective league are looking at where they are in the standings and weighing their options. Do they sit back and watch the playoffs come with ease, do they execute trades to make or break the team, or do they prepare their own draft rankings to start building for the future?


In a quick sudden shake up of things, Skylar Rift had hung up his skates. Quebec, a well built oiled machine, just saw a cog fall out. Some VHL analysts see the Meute management taking an already starting goaltender in order to compete for next season. Regardless, this leaves an empty starting goaltender spot somewhere.


Blaine Olynick, the starting goaltender for the VHLM's Bern Royals, takes the loss of Rift as a lost opportunity to one day see him on the other side of the ice during a VHL game. But in bittersweet fashion, Olynick sees this as an opportunity to see his first VHL game sooner than later, perhaps. "I know I'll have to work twice as hard now, getting my practice hours progression rate at a much higher rate. The VHL GM that will draft me probably won't throw me to the wolves if he thinks I'm not ready, and I wouldn't blame him. When the time comes, I'll know if I'm ready or not. Until then, my main focus is on the Bern Royals and winning games", says Blaine.

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