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Americans Looking to Compete?


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It seems incredibly unlikely given that they just entered a rebuild but there are rumblings that the Americans are looking to acquire a few all-star caliber players who still have a few seasons left to play with.  New York is having a very surprising season this year and this seems to have sparked optimism within the club, including General Manager Christopher Miller.


"Yeah the success we have had definitely might make us more likely to add some pieces but I don't think people should be jumping the gun here.  Those players don't come cheap and we are not going to throw our future away for a player with just a couple seasons left."


The Americans have three first round picks in the next draft but don't expect the Calgary one to move.  It would take an elite young talent for them to move the guaranteed top two pick.  It may also be difficult to nab that NY 1st if they start to fall down in the standings and end up outside of a playoff spot.


While they are still looking at the youth though, you have to think there are some inclinations to look at the now as well.  While Toriyama was just moved, teams like Helsinki and Cologne could be looking to move pieces out soon, which could indeed spark a big move from a young team looking to improve.

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