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Bern Keeping Pace


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While the attention of the VHLM was on the Watchmen at the start of the season, the Bern Royals are proving that they aren't just going to hand them the title. With a streak of 9 straight wins the Royals are within striking distance of taking over the top spot in the European conference. Sitting only 4 points behind the Watchmen, it's looking like the European Conference is shaping up to be a race to the finish, especially since the season is getting closer and closer to the end.


With the solid goaltending of Blaine Olynick, the sudden re-appearance of Ron World Peace and the Swedish 18-year-old Jakob Linholm, this is starting to look like a team that could take the top spot of the European conference. Olynick has been solid all year and looks like he will be a top pick in the draft this year. World Peace has been improving once again after it looked like his development had gone to a stand-still. Linholm seems to have finally gotten used to the different style of game and has been putting up more points in recent games, despite receiving under 10 minutes per game.


It's looking like the Conference will be a battle until the very end.

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