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Osborne asked to waive NTC?


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Ethan Osborne Submits Four-Team Trade List




HELSINKI, Finland.


In the wake of a surprising retirement from Quebec City goalie Skylar Rift, it seems as though a changing of the guard is about to occur. The once untouchable line-up both on and off the ice of the Helsinki Titans is quickly changing. The team is still bound to make the playoffs, however not in the diminishing fashion the Finnish fans have grown accustomed to. Off the ice, Mitch Higgins held a roster of potential and franchise superstars that were rarely discussed in trade negotiations because of their willingness to stay in Helsinki and the heavy price tag.


With this alteration in the league make-up we could see Helsinki hop on the opportunity to be the only seller in a buyer-heavy market. What makes this even more interesting is that as sellers they hold the star power to not only change the teams they go to, but also fetch a return that could see Helsinki enter into a quick rebuild like we have seen in Davos, Riga, and New York.


Although he is entering his final season next year, Titans captain Ethan Osborne looks to be a player who could be moved. The star center signed an extension last off-season that would keep him in Helsinki for the remainder of his career, an promise which would be held true legally through the likes of a No-Trade Clause. Many fans in Helsinki could never imagine Ozzy actually donning a new uniform but in S37 that may be a reality.


Sources say that Osborne has been asked to submit a list of four VHL teams in any conference that he would waive his NTC to go to. Although he is an aging superstar, Osborne actually has enough "practice hours" to  overcome "depreciation" and even be stronger than this season. This approved list has not been made public, and it is almost certain it never will. However, this could mean we have the potential to see the once perceived untouchable Titan in a different city.

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If you weren't so damn good, I could buy Osborne, then sell him elsewhere at a profit and make free pieces. Basically what I did unintentionally with Toriyama. As it stands:


A: I'd never get him for cheap enough to make anything significant

B: I'm almost certainly not on the list of teams

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