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If you haven’t already heard, number fifteen for the Cologne Express has found himself a new home. After weeks of awkward silence from the club and Glass (who is usually very vocal), the team has decided to part ways with the Cologne veteran who has a few years left on his contract. The question remains, where? Well, if you have been paying attention, you know that Greg Glass is now a part of the storied franchise of the Seattle Bears. Only a few games into his new colors, we decided to try and get a statement from Glass regarding the circumstances of his trade.

A reporter for Sportsnet asked, “
Greg, there are rumors you asked to be traded and held out until you finally did. Care to comment?” Greg just laughed a bit and said, “Where do you guys get this stuff? At the start of the year I sat down with my General Manager Joey and simply told him if he needs to move someone to better the franchise and the club then it’ll be okay if he moves me. It just sucked that my play had dropped prior, but no, I never held out for a trade. I left Cologne on good terms, and I still talk to the players and staff. They are going a different direction and I unfortunately am not part of that direction.”


Then he was asked what he thought about Seattle and had this to say: “You know when you get drafted in this league everyone says stay away from Seattle. Well, I'm glad I'm here. Greg is a great guy who has welcomed me with open arms to the crimson army. The players are fantastic people, and I would have no other destination in mind.”


We also caught up with the general manager of the Seattle Bears, Greg Harbinson. “I have been eying Greg Glass for a few seasons now. I strongly feel he can bring depth to our defensive core and help get to those dirty areas so our netminders can have an easier time. His rough, gritty play style is exactly what we needed here in Seattle, and Greg is a perfect fit. Everyone from the front office to the fans have taken to him. Jersey sales are back where they need to be and the team has a new life.”


With Seattle probably going to squeak into the playoffs the question has to be asked, will Greg Glass bring that much-needed experience to the team when it comes to the playoffs? His will to win and his heart are what keeps the man going, and his drive to be the best ever is what motivates him. Now with a new team, can Greg and the Seattle Bears finally raise up that coveted Continental Cup?

With the trade frenzy that started with the Greg Glass trade, keep an eye out for one of the most active trade deadlines the VHL has ever had. The landscape for the Victory Hockey League will never be the same again.

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Hey look! Trading you inspired more to talk about! Well done and a class act through and through. I'm glad someone like Greg gets to take you in for the rest of your career. He will notice very fast you are a great LR guy. All the best

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Content: 3/3 - Always the consummate professional, Mr. Glass. I wish you the best of luck in Seattle and hope to see you stick around!
Grammar: 2/2 - Flawless, well done!
Appearance: 1/1 - Great use of colors along with the pictures.
Overall: 6/6 -  :superautism:
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