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McQueen asked to waive NTC?


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Brennan McQueen Submits Four-Team Trade List


RIGA, Latvia.

But no one cares. McQueen doesn't even have a NTC on his contract. When Brennan passed his paper with the four teams on it to general manager Mike Szatkowski, he just laughed. "Well the captain of Helsinki did it, I thought it was what every captain in the league was doing?" Nope. Not the case at all dummy. Not like anyone would want to trade for this young forward who leads the league in hits but is also up there for penalty minutes. There's being physical but then there is being stupid and we all know what McQueen has been this season.

In honesty though, McQueen loves it in Riga and the team has a very bright future looking at their roster, prospects and upcoming picks. Hopefully McQueen can stop hindering the team with the penalty minutes but keep up the physical play as well as pick up his offensive game to reach superstar status.

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