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Claimed:Exclusive Interview With Travis Boychuk of the Lynx

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Travis Boychuk Exclusive Interview


Travis Boychuk has settled in with the Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM for quite some time now. He is currently 27 games into his career in the minors and sitting on a good pace of performance. We have caught up with the man to discuss some in-depth questions.




Interviewer: Travis Boychuk, being 27 games into the season, how do you feel as a member of this hockey club?


Travis Boychuk: Well, it's quite different than what I had back in Europe but it's come together nicely. It had taken me a little bit to get into the rhythm here in the VHLM but I feel very much at home now. My teammates have been nothing but welcoming to me since I've landed here.






Interviewer: How do you feel about your teams chances at the playoffs?


Travis Boychuk: I'm not going to comment on the playoffs just yet. There's a long road to get to where we want to be collectively as a team. We're barely on the fringe of the playoffs as it is right now. At the moment, we are just looking to get better with reading each other.




Interviewer: Have you had much chance to talk to your family since you've been here?


Travis Boychuk: They've actually been to a couple of games. My parents and brother flew out here to catch a couple. They enjoyed their time at the games.




Interviewer: You had a lot of success back home with your scoring. Have you worked on it since coming to the VHLM or do you have a specific role on the team?


Travis Boychuk: My main focus on this team is making plays. I try my best to find my teammates on the ice and use my skill set to pass to them when I see an opening. On my old team there weren't so many capable goal scorers, and here I can't say enough about the ones who were here when I arrived. It's much easier to pass when you have a guy like KJA on your team.




Interviewer: What comments do you have towards your leg speed? Many scouts have stated that you may have slowed down since coming to the VHLM.


Travis Boychuk: It's a much different game here in the VHLM. All I can say is that I've been working on it. I work hard every day and practice as much as possible to better myself as a player. It's a different rink here also, not the amount of room that I'm used to for making a burst of speed. 






Interviewer: Have you and your teammates had the chance to get to know each other outside of the rink?


Travis Boychuk: On our last road trip a couple of the boys and I went out for dinner. We drew out of a hat and I ended up paying the bill. It was pretty hefty. [laughs]




Interviewer: Your team has had ups and downs throughout this season. Why has it been so hard to find consistency?


Travis Boychuk: There's a lot of new guys on this team here in Ottawa. We are all just trying to find our place and what role to perform. After last year, many of the team was drafted to the VHL so here in Ottawa we basically just have a lot of learning to do. We are trying to find some chemistry here and see who plays better with who. It's a process that I'm sure we will figure out soon. All I want is playing time, and I'm definitely finding it here.




Interviewer: You have 24 points in 27 games, while sitting at a -2 on +/-. How does that compare to what you expected in your first part of the season?


Travis Boychuk: In all honesty, I was just looking to try and stay in the lineup. It is a nice plus that I'm performing how I want to. Obviously, most guys will want more points and that's how I feel also. More is always better. I can always better myself and I have been working hard at doing that in all areas.







Well, that does it for our interview with Travis Boychuk. We are glad to have found some time from him to get this done as people have been asking. We look forward to watching Travis and the Ottawa Lynx play out the rest of the season. Good luck to them!


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Content: 3/3- Nice interview, you made up good questions to ask yourself. As a former Lynx alumni I like to root for the Lynx's success (unless you're playing Yukon) and I'm glad to see some waiver wire pickups doing well there. Good luck to you guys and hopefully you make the playoffs!


Grammar: 2/2 - Just a few mistakes.


How do you feel about your teams chances at the playoffs = How do you feel about your team's chances at the playoffs

There's a lot of new guys = There are a lot of new guys 



Appearance: 1/1 - Nice Flyers pictures :)


Overall: 6/6 

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