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North American Conference Updater (VHL)


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I'd like to apply for this.


I've consistently done the VHLM fantasy zone each week for the past two seasons. I help when the site crashed and I believe I am ready to take on more responsibility.


Being here so long I understand how important at least seeing your player page updated  is to some peoplel. I understand how to update and that it needs to be done weekly. . 


Plus this opens up the much easier VHLM fantasy zone position for one of the new members we have gotten over the past weeks.


Hope you agree!

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I will apply for this position. I am yearning to gain a job in the league and assume responsibilities. I feel my activity was more than adequate for the forenamed position, and it would be a great way to contribute to the league, while aiding my player! 

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I'll apply


Super cup GM (2nd place regular season)


and you love me?


Also been here since Season 4 and know how frustrating it is when we don't get updated :/ (Cologne Curse)

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  • Admin

Smarch gets the job. He's proven his consistency in the site move and on his previous job.

Kesler moves to NA Updater, Smarch gets the EU though.

VHLM Fantasy Zone Manager opening up when I check with one person.

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