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Titticast will be a Trilogy


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Titticast Trilogy


Tittcast podcast producers and co-hosts, STZ and Higgins, are happy to announce that Titticast has been given the green light for one final episode. The first Tittcast episode took place in Season 32 and received praise from the limited listeners. The second Titticast took place during Season 34 and gained more listeners as it grew off the first edition. The trilogy will come to an end and be released some time in the next few weeks during Season 36.


"It will be a podcast to close out the greatest era in Helsinki Titans history" said Higgins. It is expected that there will be a tribute to all the players who shaped the Titans team over the past seven seasons, which should bring back a lot of memories. Like the previous two Titticasts it will cover the whole league, not just Helsinki. "STZ and I were here from the beginning and it will be fun to cap off a great run as we prepare for the future with the third and final installment of the famed Titticast, I can't wait" added Higgins.


If you would like to be a call in guest on the final episode of the Titticast Trilogy send me a PM or post here.






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