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Claimed:New Over Old Part 2


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New Over Old Part 2


In this continuation of the New Over Old series, we look at four other first-gen players. Having already looked at Blaine Olynick, Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov, Kai Randal, and Ron World Peace, this segment will put its focus on Jakob Linholm, Azmet Ali, Travis Boychuk, and Mikael Svensson. These four, along with the four from the first series, will make up a bulk of the Season 37 draft class, along with recreates Tom Slaughter, Slaeter Fjorsstrom, Logan Laich, as well as new semi-recreates Dexter Morgan, Walt Pringle, and those mentioned last time.


LW - Jakob Linholm



Jakob Linholm, left winger for the Bern Royals, has the skill set of a typical early VHL winger prospect. His skating, passing, and scoring are all above average, making him rather well-rounded offensively, while his defensive game is somewhat lagging behind. Many top VHLers learn their offensive skills early, and Linholm will do well to follow in that mold. He’s also been working on his puck handling, although he’s yet to make as many strides in that area as in the areas above. Linholm would make a great addition to an up and coming team, as he’d be able to get playing time and develop his skills.


RW - Azmet Ali



Azmet Ali, right wing for the Brampton Blades, is the least developed of the players in this series to this point. Note that in his case, least developed doesn’t mean least potential. Ali can certainly flourish, and as a prospect he’ll be highly sought after. Ali’s skills thus far lie in his passing, puck handling, defense, and leadership. It seems he’s developing as a playmaker, with crisp passes and smooth handling, yet making sure to be responsible enough in his own end. As for leadership, well, it’s rather too early for Ali to be put in a position to lead, but when he does, he’ll be ready for it.


C - Travis Boychuk



Travis Boychuk, center for the Ottawa Lynx, has only one skill above the average prospect player. This might seem like a weakness, as Boychuk isn’t very well rounded, but in fact it is a strength. Boychuk has phenomenal passing for a player at his level, and in fact can match several mid-level to depth VHLers in the skill already. His shot leaves a bit to be desired as does his skating ability, but if Boychuk gets the puck, expect him to deliver it to a teammate accurately and with goal setup in mind. Keeping this up, Boychuk should have a few Beketov trophies in his future as the leading assist-getter.


C - Mikael Svensson



Mikael Svensson, center for the Vasteras IK J20, is at this point another well-rounded forward in a similar mold to the aforementioned Linholm. What differs Svensson from Linholm at this point is that Linholm is faster, but Svensson has better control of the puck. Svensson (like Linholm) has an advanced offensive game with the ability both to pass and to score, and he will be a great addition to a young team on the rise, as it’ll earn him some playing time and some opportunities to hone his skills against top level competition.


As with any draft, these are not all of the prospects that will be entering the Season 37 draft, nor are the even all of the first-gens. However, these are several of the ones who’ve made names for themselves thus far, and the fans can get excited about their teams drafting these players. 


(This will be another Doubles, using the last of my VHL Donation rewards)

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Content: 3/3 - Another great edition that sheds some light on some of the newer members of the league. If they keep up their good work, a lot of these guys have a bright future ahead of them with solid careers in the VHL.


Grammar: 2/2 - Nope.


Appearance: 1/1 - Would have liked to see a little more, especially with the names, but not a big deal.


Overall: 6/6

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