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S58: Removal of Project Player 2

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Hello VHL,


After much consideration among the admins and the BOG, we have decided to end the experiment that was the two player system. While some people have very much enjoyed having two players and even thrived, when we look and we talk to people we see for the majority of people the two player system is not giving them anymore activity but rather is burning them out more quickly. We understand having a 2nd player is completely optional, but we feel there still a kind of pressure like you're at a disadvantage if you don't that pushes people to perhaps bite off more than they can chew. 


 This was always a controversial idea that I think the league was divided on pretty evenly when it was introduced, but I think we've seen many of the concerns raised at that time come to reality and it seems time to pull the plug as this league embarks on making some major reforms. 


All that being said: From this point forward, no new 2nd players may be created. Only 1 active player may exist at a time. 


For Existing players created under Player 2
- Existing 2nd players will be allowed to play out their career as they normally would. 

- Once one of a members two players retires, no new player can be created until the other player retires. 

- When it comes time to re-create, the member can use whichever carryover amount is higher. 


For General Managers

It's been decided that for the time being, General Managers will be allowed to create a 2nd player. This will allow GM's to continue to have the freedom of being a GM and a player at the same time, and also it will give the league some flexibility in getting people to teams that they want to GM which is something we do need at this time with GM interest being low. This will all follow all the same rules as current 2 players with some key exceptions. 


- GM's have the option of creating a 2nd player when they become GM. This will either be a 'GM Player' or a regular player. If it is GM player, it will obviously follow all the existing rules for GM players. 

- When a GM steps down, the GM player must retire. 


We hope everyone understands why we are ending the program in general yet leaving some added freedom to GM's. Any questions or concerns will be answered in this thread.


~VHL Commissioner's,

Beketov / Devise / Will

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31 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:

We still must have 3 season difference between each other player?


GM's don't have that requirement as it is now:


  • General Managers are exempt from the rule regarding players to be 3 seasons apart noted at the beginning of Section 14. This ensures General Manager's can always create a new GM player whenever they choose to retire their previous one. 

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Sounds like a good idea to me.


Obviously it was always optional, but even after you do have a 2nd player, you feel obligated to have to update him all the time for the sake of your team that drafts you.


I didn't mind it in the beginning, and really didn't mind if it stayed or left, but I'm happy with it.

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44 minutes ago, KGR said:

R.I.P. the VHL dream

There was benefit to player 2 for some people but honestly, for most, it burnt them out too quickly. Yes it’s optional but most took that option and it hit the league pretty hard activity wise. This is for the best.

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I never minded it. Sure, sometimes it was a bit much - but it's not too hard to work around... Between contract money and donations.. you can have a few free weeks and now with the point task system, a couple media spots a month or whatever and you're good.


I like controlling two guys and building two, but hey, whatever works I'm happy with. 

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