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The Victory Hockey League is in a buzz after yet another trade, this one taking place just a few short hours after the trade that sent Greg Glass to Seattle. General Managers have a short time to finalize their rosters before the trade deadline hits them; that gives them only a few days to help build the team that will help them raise the Continental Cup. The second trade that will be covered is from the Cologne Express, involving number 3 Tony Stark. It is obvious at this point that Cologne is in pure rebuild mode after they received Helsinki's Season 37 third round draft pick as well as New York's Season 38 second round pick.


The trade was brought to fruition after an altercation between Tony Stark and COL G. Both men were cock fighting (not with chickens), and Tony couldn’t take it that COL G's was bigger and hit harder. Of course, this is only speculation, but I like my side to the story. Tony now goes from forest green to red, white and blue, hopefully the change in scenery helps the man get back his edge that got him drafted.




We caught up with Tony Stark and asked how he was feeling about being traded. “You know it is all part of the game, you never know when it's your time. I love Cologne it's a wonderful place to play. Everyone is very professional and honest. They were up front with me about my performance and expectations. Now I move onto New York and hope I can help them turn things around.” With another person departing Cologne, the fear is that they will fall to a complete rebuild after only four seasons.


We also caught up with New York General Manager Chris Miller for a statement. “Every player has the chance to change the whole outcome of a team, We here in New York believe Tony may be that guy. We are a very strong team, and I see a very bright future ahead of us. Adding a player of Stark's professionalism and personality will be a good thing for the whole organization.” With the New York Americans only five points ahead of their division rivals the Seattle Bears, any edge they can get can’t hurt. With the race for the final playoff spot in the North American Conference so close, many will be waiting to see who will clinch that last playoff berth.




Seattle and New York will be battling it out for playoffs, and in my opinion both teams are just getting started. We are expecting some intense hockey in the next coming weeks, and with the deadline fast approaching, will more teams make trades? Who will have that edge heading into the post season? Most importantly, who will raise the Continental Cup?

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Content: 3/3 - One of the first of many trades made by Cologne this season, Glass now has a chance to bring his veteran leadership to New York and help bring the club out of a rebuild. While Glass may not be a super star on the ice, his veteran presence in the locker room should be a welcome addition on a young team. 


Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good.


General Managers = general managers

blue, hopefully = blue. Hopefully

team, We = team. We


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6

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