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Oslo Needs Scoring


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Oslo Crying for Scoring

With a recent hot-streak putting the Oslo Storm back into contention for the playoffs, armchair GM’s all over Norway have been speculating what it is the team needs to get into the dance. A quick glance at the roster doesn’t reveal any glaring holes but looking at the statistics tells a different story. Oslo is desperate for some scoring up front. With all due respect to defenceman Sami Kravinen and Jeff Phinney who lead the team in scoring, they really shouldn’t be topping the scoring list. Johan Hallstrom has all the talent in the world on the wing but hasn’t been able to find chemistry with any of the other Oslo forwards as of yet and hasn’t been able to hit his stride. Luke Riggs and Franz Monster are both coming around but need to start potting goals at a higher rate if Oslo is to have a shot at making some noise in the post-season. Likely all 3 of Hallstrom, Riggs, and Monster will experience an uptick in production as they continue to develop as players but Oslo needs to the help now if they are serious about this year.

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