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Claimed:Luke "MOTHAFUCKIN" Riggs


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Every team heads into the VHL draft with hopes of finding the next best player for their organization.  Whether it be a dynamic offensive forward or stalwart defensive defenseman or a big, quick goalie, each VHL team has a concrete idea of the type of player they want.  Each GM wants to find that "gem" that has the mix of size, skill, speed, grit, physicality, and vision.  It isn't often that you find a player with such a unique blend of all those skills, but Thomas Corcoran may have just hit the, proverbial, jackpot with his last pick. 
Going into the draft, everyone knew it was gonna be special year for prospects. No one should be overlooking is last overall pick of the Vasteras, Luke "MOTHAFUCKIN" Riggs. Riggs was a self-proclaimed Sniper, but after realizing he has no talent in that field, he's using his natural ability to his advantage.
The 6'3, 205-pound right winger is now a power forward prospect. He has imposing size and has shown a willingness to use it.  While he may not have as much offensive upside as other forwards at the top of the draft order, Riggs turned to use his size as an advantage. He's total package of size, checking, and energetic play make him an appealing addition to a club looking for a top-six forward who can open up the ice for other teammates. An ability to put the puck in the net adds to his value as he has proven he won't be an offensive liability with more skilled teammates. 
Luke Riggs projects as an imposing power forward at the next level with good enough hands and hockey sense to potentially play on the second line someday. He uses his body effectively in the offensive zone and creates mismatches along the wall for opponents because of his strength. Riggs could ultimately end up anywhere from a fringe first liner to a scoring third liner depending on his development over the next few years with the Oslo Storm. 
A Carter O'Callahan comparison is probably the most common that you will hear when you talk about Riggs, and all signs point to Riggs as being that type of player.  Let me take it one step further.  A 30-30 guy is the type of player that O'Callahan is, but Riggs is more of an offensive threat.  
Luke Riggs has great stick handling and a heavy shot for such a big frame (6'3", 215 lbs to be exact).  That frame is used in various situations, but mostly for taking players off the puck with hard checks.  But hitting isn't the only thing Luke can do with his body.  His ability to shield off opponents is second to none which gives him and advantage of crashing the net and causing havoc.  Whether it takes him a year or two in the VHLM league is yet to be determined, but rest assure Vasteras fans, GM Thomas Corcoran may have found your "gem".
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Content: 3/3 - Over 450 words. I laughed at the part about him being a self-proclaimed sniper that realized that he had no talent in that field. haha

Grammar: 2/2 - Just two things:


Second paragraph, second sentence. Does not make sense with the previous sentence.

right winger > right-winger

Appearance: 1/1 - You missed the return on your last paragraph, and next time could you scale down the size of your pics? Overall very nice looking despite the fact that Chewbacca was heading your media spot. ;)

Overall: 6/6 - Good job Chewie ;)

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