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Claimed:RW- Ashton Galbraith


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Ashton Galbraith

Height: 6’4

Weight: 215

Position: RW

Previous Team: Minnesota Golden Golphers

Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin


Playing History: Galbraith has played the entirety of his career within the US, with his minor hockey days within the Madison Minor Hockey Association. At 16 he was recruited to the US U17 Program and then the next year moved onto the U18 program where he stayed for two years. From there he went on to the Minnesota Golden Golphers for one year before electing to leave and pursue a professional career, rumour being his grades forced the decision.





Physical Attributes: Galbraith is not a small man standing at 6’4 and weighing 215 pounds. Players with that size are an asset to any team but players that size who have the speed that Galbraith does are a very valued commodity. His skating doesn’t look top end but he has the ability to surprise defenders with a quick burst or sharp directional change. In addition to his size and speed, Galbraith has a long reach which make him a menace to get around. He is perhaps most effective putting his shoulder down, throwing the puck way out on one side, and bull rushing to the net.


Hockey Sense: A player with exceptional hockey sense is often hard to spot to an average hockey fan but students of the game can notice them quickly, and Galbraith is one of those players that knowledgeable fans point out. Galbraith does not have the raw skill-set that many professional players do, but his ability to feel the game and anticipate plays result in this player being more than the sum of its parts. His high-end hockey sense has also allowed him to play with elite players at every level, he is described as an easy player to play with and one that can fit in on any line.


Maintenance Free: Locker-room dynamics can be a funny thing to manage. Sometimes groups just happen to stir up amazing chemistry and go on to play above the level you would expect, other times a group of skilled players never quite fit right and go on to underachieve. A key component to a good team is having a manageable locker room and players who just put their head down and go to work are crucial to that. Galbraith is one of those players. Completely unconcerned with contract, position in the standings, or ice-time Galbraith is a great player to have on your team. The team that drafts him won’t have to worry about having troubles keeping him if they so desire.





Scoring Ability: Galbraith is just not a natural goal scorer. Although he still manages to score at very respectable level, his career shooting percentage is quite low and he is prone to long slumps with multiple goose eggs. Part of the problem may be his lack of strength, which shows in his shooting power and occasional difficulties setting up in front of the oppositions net. With time the goals should come more readily but for now Galbraith cannot be counted on to be a consistent finisher.


Consistency: As previously mentioned, Galbraith can go for long stretches without numbers of any significance. Although he still remains an effective player on the ice, a top 6 forward needs to be able to consistently provide offence and stretches of 6-7 games without a point can be an enormous problem for a team. Perhaps this problem will work itself out with more experience or perhaps this is potentially a bigger problem, a potential symptom of disinterest.


Intensity: For a guy his size, you would expect that Galbraith would have a bit of a mean streak or at least be prone to running the odd guy over. This just doesn’t seem to be the case as Galbraith seems to avoid confrontation and play a bit “softer” than you would like from a 6’4 forward. This can occasionally be a nice factor in his game as Galbraith doesn’t draw retaliation penalties, but players with size and no fire can drive coaches crazy.


Player Comparison: Ryan Clowe

Their size and playing styles are what make this comparison apt. Both are top 6 forwards who have excellent size and are more playmakers than goal scorers. Both players also flourish when paired with elite players and are capable of putting up numbers over what their skill set might otherwise limit them to. Of course inconsistency also help define them both, as both can go long stretches of putting up 0’s before suddenly racking up double digit point streaks. 

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Content: 4.75/5 - I am only docking you slightly, because there was no mention of the VHLM in your profile. However, it was quite interesting and enjoyable to read. Get those grades up, and slacking in the VHL will not be tolerated!

Grammar: .75/1 - Honestly, your writing is quite adequate, I thoroughly believe you just need to read it twice before posting. Remember to spell out small numbers and countries.


US - United States X2

 within the US, with his minor hockey days within the Madison Minor Hockey Association - within the United States, playing his minor hockey in the Madsion Minor Hockey Association 

make him - makes him

level, he - level. He

head down - heads down

With time - With time,

6 - six X2

as both - as they (both used too many times, and closely together)





Appearance: 1/1 - Sure
Over 500 Words? 1/1 Yes

Overall 7.5/8

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Content: 4.75/5 - Welcome to the league! Rookie Profiles seem to be a popular choice for a new member's first point task. Like Seth said, the small deduction is just duo to the lack of VHL(M) related content. Not a big deal though. Whoever drafts Galbraith seems like they're getting not only a solid player, but a good individual as well.


Grammar: .75/1 - As Seth said, your writing is good, but there were a good number of small mistakes. 


quickly, and Galbraith = quickly. Galbraith

with contract = with his contract


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Over 500 words?: 1/1 - 750ish.


Overall: 7.5/8


FINAL: 8/8

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