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Between contraction moving people around a lot and the usual influx of changes via the draft / free agency (plus the confusion that player 2 causes to them) permissions have fallen a bit behind so I figured it would be best to just make a topic and let everyone comment on where they should be (assuming they aren't) as well as where they shouldn't be if they are seeing something they shouldn't. This seems like the cleanest and easiest way to handle this.


So you can either PM me what permissions you should have or simply comment in here and I will do my best to get them all fixed up as quickly as possible.

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6 minutes ago, Beketov said:

Done up to here. And yeah, can anyone confirm if the Draftee locker room is ever used anymore? If not I’ll just get rid of it completely.

I feel like it might be good for new members, but I think there should be a dedicated experienced member in there to answer any questions they have. Idk if that’s how it was supposed to be set up or not, but I think it could be a useful tool for the new recruits. I never even went in it, but do the draft LRs have FAQs and info on player builds?

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Everyone up to this point has been done. Just marking for future use. And again members please use this thread to tell us about permissions, I realize it may be easier to load up everyones PM inboxes with requests, but with the frequency that some of us go on via mobile, we aren't always available to quickly change permissions on the fly at every minute. So this thread just makes this process a whole lot easier imo. Thanks. 

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1 hour ago, diamond_ace said:



35 minutes ago, RadulovsFirstBeer said:

Yukon ?


28 minutes ago, cosbornballboy said:

Need to be moved to Oslo Storm


26 minutes ago, Tyler said:

yukon too


19 minutes ago, Boragina said:

Shoulda waited. Need Oslo back lol



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