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Brampton adds Assistant GM


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With Bratislava bringing on an assistant GM, I believe that the other teams should be following suit. This is a wonderful opportunity to give members the chance to learn the ropes, which brings us to this post.


Riggs recently returned to the site and expressed an interest in learning more about the STHS program as well as GM responsibilities. I'm hoping that with a management role that Riggs will stay active and help return Brampton to the glory that it had seasons ago. Riggs will be able to send in lines, talk deals, and all that good stuff. Ultimately I will have the last say of course.


Glad to have Riggs aboard! 

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I thank Toast for this opportunity. I was absolutely ecstatic when he came to me, asking me to Co-GM Brampton with him. I will remain active in this league, hoping to "learn the ropes" and become a good member of a great community. Be scared everyone.. Brampton's back!

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