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Inactive Free Agency Rules

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Any UFA who has not posted on the forum in the 30 days prior to the start of free agency will be declared an inactive free agent, and will be dispersed according to the rules in this thread, using a priority-claim based system.

  • Initial priority will be determined by the reverse order of the standings including playoff results (the list will be identical to the order of round 2 and above in the draft). 
  • For claims opened on the first day of free agency, teams will have 24 hours from the time of the first claim to submit claims. At the end of 24 hours, the team with the highest priority claim gets the player. If at any time the team with the highest priority submits a claim, or if an existing claim becomes the highest priority claim, that team gets the player immediately. This means claims can be retracted at any time during the 24h period UNLESS it is the highest priority claim overall in which case it cannot be retracted because it ended the claim period. 
  • For all claims opened after the first day of free agency, 12 hours will be used instead of 24 for everything in the above paragraph. 
  • Only ONE claim can be active at a time per team. Once a claim is made, the claiming team falls to the bottom of the list. 
  • All players claimed will be automatically signed to one-year contracts at their TPE minimum salary. These players will not be eligible to receive bonuses. 
  • For each teams first claim each season, they may claim any player they choose. For subsequent uses, it must be used on the highest TPE player available unless there is a justifiable reason not to. We will certainly be reasonable with this. (Example: A team needs a goalie, so choosing the highest TPE goalie over a higher TPE player would be acceptable).
  • To prevent circumvention of the above rule, players claimed in inactive free agency cannot be released. This means a team cannot get around the requirement that the highest TPE players be claimed first by continually signing and releasing players to effectively 'climb down' to lower TPE players. They can still be sent down to VHLM teams but not if the only reason for it is to circumvent the rules. 

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