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Claimed: The Agency Makes a Return! [1/2]


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The Agency Makes a Return!


With the star wars saga coming out with another movie this past week I thought that it was only appropriate to come back the Victory Hockey League (VHL). This is a league that I have been at odds with, in love with, and yet again at odds with. My various stints here have been extremely successful, forgettable and, embarrassing. I created a draft steal, someone who did not even make it to the draft, and a bust. I have hit three corners, and I currently want to hit a fourth, someone who lives up to expectations and a cup winner. It has been a while since I have created a successful player in a hockey sim, about four real life years, which has left me scarred. I have went to Football and Basketball sims and to be honest, I love the Basketball one since I love the sport itself. It is a league which I believe I will never leave and I would love to churn out hall of fame worthy players there without end. The Simulation Basketball Association (SBA) was my baby, I was there from its inception, and the Elite Football League (EFL) is a league which I want to succeed and still needs its legs to get under it. If I were to foil these leagues with one, it would have to be the VHL. The VHL to me was always a foreign place, even with Lehtinen I felt like an outsider while being a reliable first and second liner. I never felt my place on this website and always wanted to be a VHL General Manager instead of taking part in the, brutally, boring VHLm. I know these next few weeks will be critical for my development here in the VHL, similar to my first few weeks back in the SBA. I need to be under the right GM, in a good system and have to re-learn how to have fun here. Essentially I need to be carried in the VHL in a golden cart. I have to finish what I started here, I need a championship and need to feel a part of things. 


There are many reasons why one would come back to the VHL, whether it is the inflated numbers, the... the inflated numbers really. I needed some closure in a hockey sim, hockey was my sport but the past few years I have only become less passionate about it. Basketball really overtook my life with the Sixers being my life line for everything in life. The Sixers influenced many of my decisions, like my dream of going into sports management and attending business school due to former General Manager Sam Hinkie. I knew that I could not get that closure in the Simulation Hockey League (SHL), due to too many failed attempts and generally an annoying base, the SHL has become less of a haven for me. It used to be my favorite league and place to be, I was a General Manager and overtook a massive rebuild to eventually try to help a team win a championship (of course this was pre-Hinkie). Here is my calling card now, I am reaching out to VHL members and General Manager's to help me realize this dream, the closure that I am attempting to reach. I need a good career, and I need it quickly. Looking back I am upset at myself for abandoning Coutzen for the first time, he had a good TPE at the time, and just look at my sigs, those are insane. How could I not want to rock out with those sigs for my player for eight seasons or so? Overall I am pretty disappointed with what I have done in the sims apart from the SBA, but I see potential closure and an appeal from the VHL and I feel now is the time to re-join.


So what really has changed? The VHL in my opinion has always been the same bubble re-creating and having the best players, playing 30-40 minutes a night putting up unrealistic scoring numbers. Despite that, some of the moves the Board of Governors (BOG) have done made me believe that we are going back to the right place. The multi-claimable PT's, the contraction (thank fucking god), and various other policies have led me to believe that now is the time to re-join the VHL. After all, the league needs members, they need active members and people who can stick around. Their goal is not to have the same ten people populating their board for 24 hours. They want to be inclusive and want to have an appeal that will allow the league to flourish. I feel like this is coming back to a girlfriend after a long distance relationship and seeing that she went from a seven to a nine. Do not worry, I am here, and unless you go back to a seven, I will stay. I will say that with me staying and enjoying the SBA, I can tell that I can do the same with the VHL. Despite the small player base (again like the SBA), I learned to make do with the community and enjoy that you can put up nice stats and have fun with the community. After all that is what is important, the community. If it is a vile one there is no point in being there. If I am being honest the SHL is kind of annoying. If you do not have 1200 + TPE you are frowned upon and it feels like forever until you will finally become a relevant player. I am glad to have VHL as my safe haven.


Now back to my legacy, I want a legacy. I want a legacy in the SBA, and I will hopefully achieve that with my re-create there, and I will hopefully have relevancy like Lehtinen. I was a solid player and that is exactly what I am looking for, except I want to win a championship here. To be able to be solid I need a base, I need good General Manager's in both levels, and if I am being honest there are a few places in the VHL where if I get drafted there chances are I will eventually go inactive. I need an engaging GM who shows me that he values me and ever single person on a given team. There needs to be a plan, I want to buy-in, you just need me to buy-in. This can be done easily and has been done. I want to shoutout Sandro for being arguably one of the best General Manager's out there and getting me to buy-in with having a great community, team and plan. I bought in and loved the Legion from the bottom of my heart. I still have a soft spot for them. I will not be another piece that is drafted who will only be nagged so my value goes up so you can eventually get rid of me if I am not your top TPE earner. I will be a solid part of the team who does his job and complements the best players on the team. 


Which then gets me to my next point, who exactly will be my new player? Well, he is technically my old player Teemu Lehtinen, with a few touches. Le'Sean Coutzen II will be a mix of what I wanted Le'Sean Coutzen Sr. to be, along with the success that Lehtinen has had. I will be creating an elite finisher to the max. Coutzen will be a big body with a large shot, amazing puck handling, and skating ability. The 6'3" winger will be playing on his off-wing where he will often times be found cutting in, a la Arjen Robben, and putting it in top corner. This is where Coutzen will excel, in tight areas using his large frame to shield the puck and then utilize his tremendous puck handling abilities to open up a lane for his shot. It would be ideal to play him with a playmaker and another scorer. Coutzen may be billed as a scorer, but due to his other skills he will have his fair share of assists. Due to his large frame, he is a natural puck protector leading to more offensive zone time which increases the chances of scoring. Another aspect of Coutzen's is his skating, he will blow by defenders and use his frame but he will not just utilize it to score, he is known for dumping pucks for trailers who then have open shooting lanes due to his hard work. Lastly, Coutzen will know how to play defense, which is an important aspect of the VHL. He will spark plays for his VHLm, and later VHL, teams and lead his teammates to odd-man rushes. He is known for pick-pocketing defenders on the blue line, as well as denying scoring opportunities in the slot. This is rare amongst players as young and raw as Coutzen and something scouts will want to monitor as he embarks on his VHL journey.


So what will be Coutzen's VHL journey? He will be a little late to the VHLm party and thus will be behind on development compared to other soon to be draftees. He also has two bad reputations from his representation and one good one, which will effect his draft stock. He also has history with many of the current General Manager's and knows how the VHL will work which will be a plus. The largest issue will be the beginnings. For most prospects the hardest part of the journeys are adjustments in the whole VHL system. Once you get used to training in the VHLm it becomes a part of one's habit and is easy, however once you get used to it you are there and ready. They key is simple, get drafted by a good General Manager who is invested in the team, not just championships. Another large adjustment is the VHL adjustment. You need, yet again, a good General Manager and a team, and Coutzen's journey will be no different than any other prospects. He will be like most prospects where those previous statements are true. He is not a can't miss prospect, he at this point is a can't miss project. Who would not want to develop a potential core piece 6'3" Left Winger? This is a call on all VHL General Manager's, trust the process on this prospect.


This return, in my opinion is better than The Last Jedi( which by the way the movie was underwhelming, how is Rey not a Palpatine)? I want my legacy to be here on the VHL to be remembered, I want to be remembered as the complementary piece to many cup wins. I am no Remy Lebeau, Thomas O'Malley, I am no can't miss prospect sure fire player. I want to play with superstars, fun people, and win championships. The VHL is the place to do that. With the reduction of teams to eight, it only makes sense that in an eight year career the chances are that you will win one cup, something my previous player was not blessed with. Lehtinen was my baby, he was my second favorite sim player of my whole life. I had Smirnov Light, Michael McConway, Sergei Zherdev, and various others who have left an impact on other leagues, but none of them were as fun as having someone who only semi-mattered. If I missed one Point Task week it was not the end of the world, it was a non-issue. This is something I will beg from my General Manger's. Find the medium, make me active, do not force me to be active. Make the atmosphere a fun one, and I will not be afraid of leaving a team in free agency. At this point I have no loyalties apart from Toronto, and even then the connection is weak. My goal is to fast track my way to the VHL, have a bomb ass career and call it a life with the VHL. Let us drink one to some closure!



Fuck that was rough, but 4 weeks worth of TPE!


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24 minutes ago, Sixersfan549 said:

and always wanted to be a VHL General Manager


I think one of the reasons why we cut two teams out was lack of candidates for the GM spot. I don't know what about now, but there's still a chance imo. 


26 minutes ago, Sixersfan549 said:

putting up unrealistic scoring numbers.


Second line terror from Krīgars&Locke S57, never forget. Also, Jarvi had 160+ points in S53. #JarviWatch, never forget too. 


27 minutes ago, Sixersfan549 said:

If I missed one Point Task week it was not the end of the world, it was a non-issue. This is something I will beg from my General Manger's. Find the medium, make me active, do not force me to be active.


Seems like a perfect prospect for Riga, their GM also likes to claim a welfare sometimes. 

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