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Leagues Top 3?  

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This season is shaping up to be a good one. With the league contracting by 2 teams - losing Stockholm and Cologne, teams got bigger, tougher and more skilled. The league also gave a little extra pocket cash to the GM's, which may not have made a huge difference but it still kept a lot of teams under while adding some significant power to their organizations. Looking at the league now, you know we're in for a doozy of a season. The Legion (12 PTS) and the Bears (10 PTS) lead the league in the top two seeded spots, followed by 3 teams all in a 3-way tie for 9 PTS ( New York, Riga and Calgary). It's competitive as hell and with the extra fire power, we're thinking there may be some solid performances this season on the individual and grand scheme of things. 


Looking at the statistics, it's a little tough to pick a top 3 players, but without further delay and because I hit the 150 words mark, here's my quick little list of TOP 3.


Please post who you think BELOW and let's start a discussion. :) 




Lee King Snatch

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I'm looking at Gretzky, LKS, and Ironside as well. Pablo has also been quite the defenseman, and better than I expected right off the bat.


Although, my team is a little stat boosted with a couple of 6-0 wins over Davos last sim, but even before then we were in 1st.


Gretzky has been amazing on the Bears, Takashi has been good as usual as well.

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