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Claimed: S58 Weekly TPE Rankings: Week 1 [1/2]


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VHLers FROM FAR AND WIDE.  GATHER ROUND FOR THE THIRD ITERATION OF THIS MADE CIRCUS OF DEATH WE REFER TO AS THE VHLM WEEKLY TPE RANKINGS.  GUARD YE LOINS AND WITNESS ME AS I break down the TPE dispersal among your VHLM teams.  Gleam from it what you may, I hope at least one person gets some use out of it.


Week 1:

Team                                             Total TPE   (Increased TPE)              Average TPE per player          League Position                 Top TPE Earner

1. Ottawa Lynx                                  1067                 (0)                             88.91   (12 players)                            1                     RW - Lavar Ball, TPE: 165 (QUE)

2. Oslo Storm                                    948                 (0)                               63.2     (15 players)                             5                    LW - Ivan Morozov, TPE: 199 (24 Banked)(CGY)


3. Yukon Rush                                   765                  (0)                             47.81    (16 players)                             2                      C - The Charm, TPE: 84 & D - Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, TPE: 84

4. Saskatoon Wild                             734                 (0)                              73.4      (10 players)                             4                    D - Dragon McDragon, TPE: 168 (DAV)


5. Las Vegas Aces                            692                  (0)                             40.71    (17 players)                             3                    G - Marcel St-Laurent, TPE: 135 (QUE)


League Total TPE                            4206                (+0)                           48.91  (86 players)



The season is still early so there isnt too much to go off of yet.  What we can see is that the standing are all over the board, with TPE ranking not having much to do with how teams have preformed in their first two or three games as these new players adjust to their surrounding.

Ottawa is out to a strong lead, bringing back many of their high TPE players for their third and final season.  It has launched them into a strong 1st place lead and they begin the season around the same TPE value they began last season with.  Is there another finals run in this team? Will they finally win one? or be three times the bridesmaid? Hopefully GM @Beaviss can final make the leap and join the ranks of the Founders cup champion GMs.


Oslo, our defending champions, Came in strong TPE wise with just under a thousand team wise.  But it looks like a few graduates of their championship team took the chemistry with them and the team has stumbled out of the gate losing all three of their games in regulation.  We can expect them to turn it around as the season progresses, but this is not a strong start for the kings of the hill.


Yukon was one team which was LAIDEN with draft picks this year.  I mean this draft was pretty much just them and Vegas.  It seems to be working out well so far for the Rush as they have settled in nicely to second place in the standings and third place in the TPE ranking and growing.  Two of their high picks, The Charm @Tyler and LPL@FacePuncher lead the charge together as Yukons Highest TPE earners, both tied at 84.


The Saskatoon Wild are... wow, actually for the first time ever, exactly where I expected them to be.  Usually this team is like in 4th for TPE ranking, 2nd in standings, and last in average TPE, and makes no sense, but they're 4th across the board.  Tight ship Wild, thank you.


And last we come to the Las Vegas Aces. Last year's bottom feeders start in the same spot TPE wise, but an abundance of high draft picks and a prime goalie in Marcel St. Laurent @Frank, The Aces will look to climb the TPE rankings this year, and are holding strong in 3rd place in the standings.


We'll see how this exciting year will play out in the VHLM!


As always, thanks for reading.





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