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A Draft In Review: The Las Vegas Edition


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We return now to A Draft In Review.  This week, we focus on the Las Vegas Aces of the VHLM, and we review their most recent draft for the S58 Season.


1 (1) - With the first pick in the draft, the Aces took Goalie Marcel St. Laurent @Frank.  Marcel has reflexes like a cat and is known for giving up next to no rebounds.  Hockey experts say that great teams are built from the net out, and the Ace's have a foundation of steel with St.Laurent minding the twine this year.  


1 (4) - The Aces second selection was the fourth pick of the draft, Defenseman Brandon Hood @philthethrill81.  Hood is a great shut down defenseman.  He plays angles like he's shooting pool, and he's quick on his skates for a player of his size.  He makes a great first pass and will be the anchor on the Ace's blue line this year.


2 (6) - With the first pick of the second round, the Aces took Ebi Shpeen @.sniffuM.  Ebi is a tough player who loves to bang the body and create space on the ice.  Ebi throws his body the way shutdown defenseman do, and is immovable from in front of the net.  He will center the Aces top line this year.


2 (9) - With the ninth overall pick in the draft, Vegas surprised a few people and took winger Evan R. Lawson @diamond_ace.  A late comer to the draft, some expected the power forward to fall into the next round.  The Aces however, saw a fit in their rough and tumble scheme for the winger.  His size and fearlessness in the corner and in front of the net, mixed with some nice hands, has scouts harkening back to Corey Perry, though they also comment that Lawson's personality is much kinder than the aforementioned Duck.


2 (10) - This pick originally belonged to the Aces, but because of a rule in the VHLM they were forced to trade the pick, or risk losing it for nothing.  The Aces GM Spade, turned this pick into Ottawa's 3rd round pick next year.


3 (11) - With the first pick in the the third round, the Aces took scoring winger Gary Goose @fruitcake.  GM Spade was quoted as being "shocked and relieved" that the future sniper was still available at the beginning of the third round.  Goose will be the offensive brunt of the Ace's playing on the top line opposite of Lawson.


3 (14) - The Aces last pick in the draft was spent on Finnish defenseman Joona Makela @JoonaIceman.  A well rounded defenseman, Makela has the ability to chip in offensively, while also holding his own quite well in his own end.  Makela has been absent from practice recently, but GM Spade still has high hopes for his defenseman and has paired him opposite of Hood on the top pairing.  


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