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Quebec Meute Moves [1/2]


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Since I needed something to write about I thought id look at the moves the Meute have made this off season.

Disclaimer its been a short period of time since these trades have taken place so some of the returns wont be able to be rated yet. That being said ill take it at face value.


To Toronto :tor::

Lee King Snatch



To Quebec City :que::

Phil Bennington

S60 TOR 1st


This first trade looks like a win for Toronto off the bat just because of the difference these players have made for the team so far. Snatch is lighting the league up even with the fresh team and Pablo is also leading the league in points as a Defenceman. Seems like Toronto escaped this deal with two of the leagues top players and the return of Phil Bennington seems like a franchise potential player. As of now Toronto wins hand over fist.


:que: Quebec Receives:

David Kiaskov


:dav: Davos Receives:

S59 Que 2nd

QUE 2nd in S58 Dispersal Draft ( Jakub Pastrnak )


This trade seems like a really solid deal for Quebec. They received Kiaskov a very solid two way forward who is lighting the VHLM up. Pastrnak will be a great roster player for Davos and we will have to see what that pick turns out to be. In my opinion Quebec wins this round of the review just because they got a great young player that sky is the limit on.


:que: Quebec Receives:

S60 Sea 1st

Mathieu Bourdon


:sea: Seattle Receives:

Fabio Jokinen


Jokinen is so far a point per game player for Seattle so far thus season. The main portion of this trade the first round pick will have to be looked at the end of the S60 Draft. Bourdon is a great young player that's on the rise time will see if this deal pans out but right now Seattle gets a leader and a great defenceman.


To :que:


RIG 1st in S58 Dispersal Draft (7th pick) ( Ben Green )

S60 RIG 1st


To :rig:


Lukas Muller 


This is the final trade to review after the Quebec fire sale. Muller has been producing at a very good rate so far. One of the picks that Quebec received in the trade has already been picked via the Dispersal Draft. Green the player that picked up is another piece of the long term puzzle that is the Meute. This one is even thus far.


To summarize this review it looks like a 4-5 season rebuild with the Meute. S60 is going to be a very important draft for Quebec as they already have 4 picks in the first round. For my sake I hope its quicker then 5 seasons!

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That first deal definitely was a success for me. I didn't expect it to work out so well, honestly. Snatch performed amazing, and Pablo ended up being the highest scoring defenseman. I guess at the moment I won this trade, since I don't know where Phil is. Even though he's still inactive, he definitely is still valuable, and I wouldn't count him out of coming back. When Phil is on his active game, he earns a lot of TPE. We'll see with that one.

With that S60 1st, it will likely be a later one, but in the S60 draft that might still mean a solid pick with all the new creates recently.

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