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Claimed: Chemistry playing issue in New York early [1/2]


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It is only a matter of time before New York breaks out, the fans can feel it. They have kept pace, in a stronger league without Keller, Jones, and Komarov being the stars they expected. Thankfully Volkov, Degrath, and Fujimoto have been their typical stud selves. 


Rookies, Mcknight, Muller, and Rayne have show flashes of what made them so coveted by New York, but arent quiet taking off yet. People point to chemistry, and players playing out of position. Komarov has been slotted in to wing, after domimating the center ice position last year, and the results have been poor. 8 points 6 goals, 2 assists is not lighting the world on fire, luckly hes stayed rounded out with team leading plus minus, and still racking up the hits. Keller, has been a stud in the faceoff dot, but again his 9 points are not turning heads after putting up 107 points last year. Jones the reigning defensemen of the year, and rookie of the year has been better than both, but still has shown signs of frustration with his own play.


It appears changes are coming once again, potentially seeing Komarov move to the center ice again. Flanking Muller on the left side and either Fujimoto or Mcknight on the right side. The hope is the hulking center can help a struggling young second line, control play more well balencing the attack. The top line would consist of Mcquack, Keller flanking one of Fujimoto, or Mcknight. The hope is this new combos can help regain the confidence these young stars had well driving in more wins. 


The defense, has remained unchanged to this point in the season. However, could that also be seen as a potential change. Rayne and Jones won a cup together perhaps reuniting them will start an offensive spree. Well Thrower and Volkov may spark a bigger and more balenced attack. The hard part is moving Volkov who has broken out, besides Jones risking wrecking his great start. 


The brightest point of this season, has been Degrath who has given the team a chance every single night to win hockey games. It seemed odd, to add Degrath when the future seemed set in stone with Arkander. The move seems right however, with Degrath playing at MVP, and goalie of the year calibre level.


The Americans will continue to work their asses off, and aslong as wins keep coming they will be happy with the results. The league knows one thing though, if they can heat up offensively they are a serious threat going forward. Changes will likely keep coming, well they keep pace growing as potenial young stars. For now they lay dormant, but we know what they are capable of if they broke out. The young russian, seems to be taking things calmly early. Focusing on training, and trying to take care of his heavy training regiment. 


We can, see they are trying to work on there downfall. They trust their coach, and GM to help them turn things around.

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Fun to look at this article, and now see how everyone performed.

It was quite odd to see no New York player in the Top 10 in points....and they barely made the Top 20, with Fuji in 20th.

I expect NY to do a lot better next season with everyone having gotten better. Should be exciting.

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