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Claimed: LPLL report #1 [1/2]


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Welcome to the LPLL report. I will be doing these on the instances where I decide I actually should earn some TPE


So, my player actually got put in sims this season. So it is already much more successful than last season based on that piece of info alone


through 7 games, suffice it to say, Yukon is not doing well. a 2-4 1 record and 4th place out of 5 teams is NOT where you wanna be as a team. The team is very much defense oriented. Its interesting to see me and Ho Lee Fook together. we are total opposites. He is a defenseman based on technicality and scoring, I am a defenseman based on physicality and punching people. We pretty much play 60 minutes combined, so needless to say we are given plenty of opportunities to get stats. Which is nice! Forwards wise, it seems we have a lot of guys all at the top without a clear hierarchy. Ozamataz Buckshank leads the team in goals with 6, The Charm and Yandall Beast both have 8 points, and after that we have four players with 6 points. The curious thing though is that our top line doesn't seem to be the ones producing. The three forwards on the top line getting over 20 MPG are Matthew Clyne, Joseph Bassolino, and Vincent Oakhart. They on;y have 15 combined points, which is ok, but not great for a top line. Seems like the secondary lines are producing at a lot better rate than them.


Now, onto me. I am very interested in my players performance. I'm pretty much trying to build Hal Gill. And suddenly, I have 8 points, good for third best on my team and 22nd best in the league. needless to say, I am surprised. I am also surprised at the lack of fights, as i have not dropped the gloves with anyone yet, but i suppose my fight rating is probably not high enough yet to make a real impact. I am happy with the physical show I am putting on however. First in the entire league in hits and penalty minutes. I want to make that a constant in my time in the NHL. The cool thing is though that my strength isn't even up yet, i have only gotten checking, fighting, and defense up. Once i start getting strength up I hope to be an even more punishing defender.


Right now I am third in the league in shots blocked. I wonder how i will develop in that. in the GOMHL I did eventually get a solid amount of shot blocks but I was never really a league leader. I wonder if that will change here.


I'm ok with my plus minus right now at -4. +/- doesnt mean much anyway, but our team overall is a -10 and i play half the time on the ice, so a -4 rating shows that I am potentially making a difference (except it doesnt really because +/- sucks)


Anyway, i hit 500 words, so i'm outta here. Doubles week baby!

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