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Claimed: HAPPY NEW YEAR! [1/2]


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This gotta be the most ironic part of this: I have nothing to write about in the last day of 2017. But I somehow need to get these 12 TPE so I'll do some random shite and that is naming a couple of notable moments that happened here this year. 





I think this year was kinda good if we're talking about returnees. @Quik, @CowboyinAmerica @Bushito (a.k.a. Scooter who found out about VHL from laptop) and @Gudnason (our beloved Anderson), all of them came back to this league for another attempt. And as of this moment, every member but Hippie are still with us. Moreso, all three have league jobs:


Bushito - ex-Stockholm, now Calgary GM

CIA - updater

Quik - BoG


Even Anderson had a job, like grader or Cologne GM. Also, @diamond_ace isn't in this list becase he was pretty active last year too, especially in @Molholt's wrestling league. 





It wasn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows though. We also witnessed couple of members leaving this league when we didn't expect this. 


@FacePuncher - we could argue that retiring both his players wasn't that unexpected as he already went on a brief hiatus last year, but it was still surprising, at least for me. I didn't even realize he was done with the VHL until I checked his thread next day (I was on vacation at that time). As it turned out, he didn't give up on this league completily - he returned to this league for reviving LPLL's career. 

@Smarch - that was even more weird. Shortly before all of this happened, he became the VHL commish and simmer. So it was all fine, but one day he decided that this is not worth it and left this league. There were a couple of reasons behind it - he had some altercation with @Higgins about the simming thing. The second reason was even more simple - he got a promotion at work and obviously this became his first priority. At the end, his hiatus didn't last long and he returned and eventually became the Yukon GM. 






Oh, sweet minors league. Members were arguing a lot about this league, but unfortuantely it didn't really help this league as the blue team decided to cut another two teams, Brampton and Bratislava (fuck em' for this). The minors league had a hard time on retaining the first-gen players with S56 as the only exception - @Beaviss, @Spade18 (however, he's not a new member in sime leagues as a whole) and @Exlaxchronicles. All of them were playing in S56 in the minors. Other than that, nothing impressive. Oh, and @bgreene21, a S56 draftee who made a return recently and became a member of a recruitment crew.


As for Las Vegas - it was the only time when @BluObieZ was truly active. The S54 Las Vegas had so much hype and nobody was surprised when they won the Founder cup that season. However, his methods of GM'ing wasn't praised by many members who felt that he was focused too much on winning and not make all of his players pleased, @NUCK and @stevo in particular. It ended with Robbie being fired from the GM job for this reason. 





No matter how bad some actions were, he once again put his name on history books. His first player-since-comeback retirement caused a decent amount of discussion. And it only went even more ridiculous when he became a Cologne GM. Some questionable moves, weird GM'ing style as a whole and putting Axelberry to waivers because he wanted to grab more picks out of Seattle and failed as @Banackock ain't that dude who gives his picks without a reason. And then the grand finale: once again trying to call out @Kendrick using with bringing a his personal life just for sake of being banned. Well, he got his wish - I belive it was @Devise who was a very kind man to Punk and put a banhammer on him. 





The most recent events happened before S58. Prettu much every VHL member realized that the player two project failed as it worked only for TPE whores. However, GM's still have a chance to create a second player if sticking to their managed team LR is too boring for them. Also, the VHL didn't have a huge ass member base for having 10 teams and the blue team decided to cut two teams off. One of them was Cologne, a S31 expansion team. And the other was the forever unlucky Vasteras-Stockholm Eagle Vikings: even two Continental cups in 57 seasons weren't enough from cutting this team out. So we're back to 8 teams and it seems like the playoff race should be more exiting as the best players from each of contracted team went to more contender teams and for now we have 5 more or less competitive teams. Good, let's see if this works on longterm. 








My article is coming to an end and I realized I have a chance to type 1000 words. This is crazy, ''I have nothing to write about'', my ass. I guess there were more notable moments in the VHL league this year, but perhaps I just don't recall to name them. 


I need 90 more words so I'll tell you about how my year in this league went. It was another successful year for me: I once again won two cups (1 VHLM and 1 VHL), but this season cups were with me as a GM. Also, my players were pretty good since S54 when Petenis surprised everybody with winning three big awards while playing in a fringe contender team. It all went up with Krīgars since then with trashing teams from the second line, thanks to Locke. So yeah this was a good year in this league for me. 


That's it and I'm out...and happy New Year! 



18 TPE goes to Krīgars (with doubles)


25.12 - 31.12.

01.01 - 07.01

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21 hours ago, hedgehog337 said:




I think this year was kinda good if we're talking about returnees. @Quik, @CowboyinAmerica @Bushito (a.k.a. Scooter who found out about VHL from laptop) and @Gudnason (our beloved Anderson), all of them came back to this league for another attempt.


@Tim definitely saw this article and decided to return imo

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