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Niiiccceee! Orange n yellow always go together and your BG almost looks to be like he's in the sun.

Although its mostly the same color throughout the render, its very eye catching and has a warm feel to it.

The yellow layer inf front of his body has misty look or solar flare appearance to it...very cool!

The font is plain but has a shadow effect to it which amps it up a notch, and even though I don't like fonts layered over the player this looks good.

The guy has some extra saturation to him so he looks kinda comic book like.I'd like to see a punch more of sharpness to the player for added aesthetics, and the yellow appearance of flames on his back are a positive added touch.

I prefer more separation, contrasting colours in renders but that's just me.

This SIG deserves 6/6, or is it now 9/9? I can't fuckin remember...I'm old. Nice one Daniel! I'd hang this bitch on my wall.


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