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Claimed: Few thoughts on the future of teams [1/2]


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I noticed Quik was doing this for his 1 TPE articles so may as well make a longer one for all six! I have no idea what to write about and since I'm done with my work for now, I can write my Media Spot at work and this seems a solid as any idea. So thank you @Quik for the inspiration for this. I won't be looking at the stats of individual players since the index doesn't seem to be updated to the proper date when I am at work. Instead I'll use what info I do have available to me.


1. One of the big things that happened this off season as contraction but also seeing Mats Johnsson signing an extension in Calgary. The young defenseman turned in to a draft day steal but it didn't mean the relationship was perfect between the two sides. Maybe the move to Calgary has helped him remain happy but the on ice performance is finally starting to match the effort. At nearly 400 TPE he is quickly becoming one of the better Season 57 draftees despite having been a second round pick. Either way it's an interesting storyline to look in to.


2. The youth movement has moved a little faster then anticipated in New York. The Americans are well on their way to a playoff spot and look to be a mainstay for seasons to come. It will no doubt be Chase Keller leading the way as a franchise forward but the team has an almost dominance of the season 57 draft classes with two 400 TPE players already out of a recent draft class as well a hoarde of depth players who will continue their development. With the core of their team in place already the team will just need to do a bit of creative patch working to become a future power house. Any other teams wanting to compete in this time period are either going to need to get lucky or hope they make mistakes.


3. There's a battle between two former North American Conference teams in Seattle and Toronto. Both teams are good but still seem somewhat stuck in something of a limbo between competing among the elite teams and being an elite team of the future. Seattle got lucky in adding a top player in the league in Shawn Gretzky for nothing, but questions still exist in terms of their depth and managements plan. Toronto is a team that should be in its prime right now but I don't think many people see them as true championship contenders yet. They have another season before the majority hit depreciation but with veteran star Lee King Snatch retiring this season, it may be a long road ahead for the Legion. Their leadership will need to be creative to fill that gap. Maybe with a team like Riga entering a rebuild we could see Toronto poach away some of their talent? I don't know if Toronto has it in the cards to win this year, but they could, with solid asset management, push in to the future.

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It's unfortunate that graders have been lacking so much to let articles wait this long to be reviewed....but reading these kinds of articles already knowing what ended up happening is fun.

Riga won it all again. Seattle and Toronto did battle it out, and Seattle squeaked out their Game 7 win. Riga didn't blow it up, and are going for another cup.

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