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Claimed: A LaFlamme Xmas and New Years [1/2]


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A LaFlamme Xmas and New Years


When it comes to hospitality among professional athletes, politicians, celebrities and the wealthiest of those who walk the earth, it at times can come in abundance. It's never rare to see the likes of Bill Gates and company dropping a couple million to help those in need, or to programs whom wish to help those who are less fortunate than others. Away from those who have billions locked away in solitude banking, athletes also seem to never shy away from helping out the communities which they are apart of and causes which they believe in. As a great example, PK Subban of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens found it in his heart to donate a lumpy sum of his own contract money to a local hospital in Montreal to help children and those who needed all the help they can get. On the ice, he's an amazing gentleman with great charisma (but of course a tough player to play against), and off the ice he seems to carry the same sort of nature about himself. 


In the Victory Hockey League, rarely have you heard of an athlete donating money or their time to causes, however, this could largely be due to the fact that maybe coverage isn't as large on the VHL as it could be on other major professional sporting leagues and such. This year, however, all that had come and gone and officially became a thing for the VHL and it came from someone you maybe wouldn't expect it from. Xavier LaFlamme has been a Bear since the beginning and while he isn't the biggest name to lace them up and play his heart out, he's a Bear nonetheless and is proud to place the jersey over his shoulders every single game. He was once quoted as saying:


"You know, throwing that jersey on and representing such a strong fan base is one of the greatest things I get to do in my life. Bring some excitement, some life and pure passion to the city is an amazing honour and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I may not put up the huge points, but I do what I can to make this city know that we care and we are in this 100% together".


And officially at 1000 MTN time, he made it known that what he said goes a lot further than just being on the ice. Despite being a little late (likely due to family events and playing the game he loves), LaFlamme took to twitter to wish his 21,000 followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Following the tweet roughly 2 hours later (1200), he was spotted at a local Seattle hospital hanging out numerous gifts to sick children and doing meet and greets with fans who wouldn't be able to go home for the holiday seasons. Toys, jerseys and team apparel were handed out and he even handed out 20 tickets free of charge to the hospital staff to thank them for all that they've done in making a difference in the community, the hospital and all those who they care for.


Following his period at the hospital, he had one last surprise in store. With an announcement on twitter, he made it clear he loved the fans as much as they hopefully loved him.



Just wanted to once again say post-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in Seattle and around the VHL. You make me proud to put on a Bears jersey and represent this amazing, beautiful city. For the game on New Years eve, Myself and the boys purchased fireworks for following the game and will be putting on a 3 hours entertainment fundraiser for the local hospital.


Details can be found on the Bears website, but if you're too lazy to look - Food, Drinks and a large bonfire will be provided. Local entertainment will be provided throughout the night with activities for the children with special guests Metallica, Beyonce and Post Malone appearing as well. 


+6 for LaFlamme

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