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Las Vegas Aces Prospect Review


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The Las Vegas Aces are boasting some serious talent who will be available for the S59 VHL Draft.


Leading the way is Goalie Marcel St. Laurent @Frank.  St. Laurent is in second place in the VHLM in both wins and save percentage with one less game played behind Ottawa Goalie O'Tarth.  Even more impressively, St. Laurent leads the league in GAA.  A true puck stopper, St. Laurent's numbers only look to get better as he improves, and as his teammates in front of him improve.


Building from the net out, Defenseman Brandon Hood @philthethrill81, is the rock and soul of Las Vegas' blue line.  He is top 10 in hits, shots blocked, and PIMS. More impressively,  he has the most assists in the VHLM this season, and sits in second place in defenseman scoring in the entire league!   Vegas is rumored to be shopping for a defensive partner for the star blue liner, so things tend to be looking up for Hood in the future.


Evan R. Lawson @diamond_ace and Gary Goose @fruitcake play the wings on Vegas' Top line. Goose is in top 10 in goal scoring in the league this year, and Lawson is putting up solid numbers, good enough for 6th place among left wingers in the VHLM.  A little more effort in practice and these two players have bright futures ahead of them!


Keep an eye for some of these players to be plucked from the pile early in the draft this year.   

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