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I can score?


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So, I'm an enforcer. My job is pretty much to hit people, occasionally in the face with my fists. I'm pretty good at it, I made a career of it in the GOMHL. 13 seasons of not much more than enforcing. I had one season of 31 points, that was wild. Now sure, i was skilled in other ways. I was a technical defenseman, I blocked shots, made hits, and generally was in the right place at the right time.


But this scoring thing? It was never really part of my repetoire. So imagine my surprise here in the VHLM when I am one of the top point scorers in the league! Now sure, You could make the argument that I'm a 13 year pro playing in a minor league. But my scoring has been pretty off the charts. In the last 5 games we played this week, I had multi points in all but one. In one I "only" had a goal, but it was balance out by the game in which I had 3 points, giving me 10 for the week. Thats insane, more than I could have ever imagined. Now, I am still not a top scorer, but I'm up there. And lets be honest, if 10 years ago you looked in the scoring leaders and saw Hal Gill scoring at almost a 2 PPG clip, you would be shocked too.

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