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Luke Riggs

On June 9, 1993, Luke Riggs was born in Surrey, British Columbia. From conception, Luke Riggs was destined to become a hockey player. In his childhood, he played as a forward, sniping goals all around. However, that all changed when Riggs hit a major growth spurt in his adolescence years and grew nearly seven inches over the summer. Consequently, his midget coaches tried him out as a scoring power forward and he excelled instantaneously. A legacy was born.
Riggs' Hometown
Growing up in Canada, Riggs obviously idolized all the great North American hockey players of the world. Collecting Carter O'Callahan and Milan Lucic posters were a common hobby. However, neither of the aforementioned players became Riggs’ true idol, once he watched Vancouver Canucks power forward prospect Zack Kassian. Riggs was mesmerized by his ability to shield the puck and dish it off to one of the Sedin sisters. He stood up for them too, never letting the opponents even close to the Sedins. Luke Riggs wanted to be just like him.. and he was going to do it. He set out to make the VHL.
After being recruited by just one team within the league, Riggs agreed to terms with Vasteras. Under the guidance of coach Thomas Corcoran, Riggs sharpened his skills in the sniping category and then worked to his biggest weakness, believe it or not. That weakness was strength.  After much deliberation between his family and team, Luke Riggs was sent down to the Oslo Storm.
After one mere season with Oslo, his rights were eventually awarded to the Oslo Storm for the second season as well, who Riggs currently plays for. Luke Riggs was drafted with the last pick in his draft, and now in GM Thomas Corcoran's words, "He's becoming a steal."
  • Size: Standing at 6’3’’, Riggs has relatively great size for a forward. He uses his frame quite well, screening the goalie in front of the net, where most of his goals come by deflections. He can learn to use his size to an advantage and that is what Thomas Corcoran is teaching him. Size is a skill that cannot be taught, which adds to Riggs' popularity among numerous scouts.
  • Offense: For a sniper most of the time, Riggs has a great scoring ability and a nose for the net which cannot be taught. His pass is superb for the VHLM and his skating is improving. He needs to learn to use his frame more and go to the gym more often, he has natural talent, which is a great thing to have in the VHL. Riggs can keep up with the best of them if he gets the minutes he should be getting.
  • Work Ethic: Once on the ice, and off it, Riggs' mindset changes. The only thing that matters is preventing the opposing team from scoring and carrying his team to victory, not to mention pot a few yourself. To allow the forenamed result to occur, Riggs spend immeasurable amounts of time refining his game.  He studies his play upon the conclusion of every game. Furthermore, extra practices after the team has gone off, Riggs will stay on for another hour at least, working on his play.  His desire to become the best in the world is matched by few. Though, it is unlikely he'll get there, he'll keep working.
Riggs infront of the net
  • Inexperience: A major critique among scouts is Riggs' inexperience.  He played only one season in a competitive hockey league and that was as a third liner. Although his stats were rather dull, the sample size remains insufficient in declaring his future as being automatically successful. Riggs was drafted into the VHL at the tender age of twenty and many wonder if he can adjust his game to such a high level instantly.
  • Using his frame: Luke Riggs has the size and is in the weight class of elite power forwards. Yet, he has to learn to use that size and he is aware of that fact. Riggs is working to be an effective power forward in the VHL but he's not even close to it just yet. He doesn't use his frame at all, shy's away from hits, doesn't go into the corners and rarely is found parked in front of the net.
  • Discipline: Luke Riggs takes way too many penalties and dumb ones that can be avoided too. A good penalty, no coach minds, a dumb one like the ones that Riggs has, has coaches chewing their gum frantically. See: Alain Vigneault. Riggs can become an elite player, but the penalties and the suspensions have to stop. Riggs has shown no sign of improvement in this field.
Luke Riggs is an important part to the Oslo Storm and a vital key of the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Riggs is an underrated player on an underrated team. 
Remember, the Storm is brewing..
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Overview: 3/3 -  Love the power forwards of hockey, and your player perfectly fits the mold. I'll be looking forward to how your player progresses throughout his career.


Grammar: 2/2 -  (Y) 

con's - cons

pro's - pros


Presentation: 1/1 - Looks good.


Pros: 2/2 -  (Y) 


Cons: 2/2 -  (Y) 


Overall: 10/10


Final: 10/10

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