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(Being a member since season 28 I still have a lot to learn about the VHL’s history and with that said I decided to do this type of article to help myself learn more about our history. Excuse me if anything is incorrect. I understand Rybak is not the best Wranglers play although it is arguable. )


The Talk

Captain Calgary


Rybak is arguably one of the best Wranglers to play. With discussions constantly circling in Calgary based on Rybak though in a rebuild, the Wranglers’ fan base and franchise continue to look back at the glory days of the ‘enko era where Rybak was visibly one of the top players for the team. When remembering Rybak’s career awards such as the Continental Cup, Sakic trophy, Hull trophy and Mike Szatkowski trophy come up in his resume, however, he always grows disappoint as he was never successful in winning the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy letting his one chance slip away in season 28 to Shane Lynch and Alexander Labatte.


Rybak will always be a franchise piece for the Wranglers always leading the team both off the ice and on the ice. In his first season he was not outstanding although 27 goals and 48 points was not absurd for a European forward who found himself stranded on the second line for a margin of the season. Rybak respectively finished his career with 348 goals and 756 points in 504 games, these numbers are not at the top in the Wranglers all-time stats nonetheless his stats rank him in the top five.  Calgary Wranglers’ general manager remarks on Rybak being a leader in the locker room in the process he always kept new teammates excited and comfortable. He was awarded the captaincy numerous amounts of times making him Captain Calgary.




Rybak playing in a game against the Toronto Legion shown above.


Rybak and company led the Wranglers In what was the glory season of season 30, in where the team conquered the Continental Cup against the Seattle Bears. It may seem like this was a cakewalk season on the other hand many would say otherwise as the Wranglers slipped into the first round of the playoffs standing at fourth with 96 points ahead of the annoying Toronto Legion squad who stood at fifth with 91 points. The playoffs were another story as the Wranglers swept the HC Dynamo squad in the first round and with one opponent remaining in the Seattle Bears this Calgary team was set to reign. The series went a game seven it seemed like the momentum was in favor of the Bears with home advantage and two straight crazy wins. Calgary took the win 2-0 and the celebration was immediate. Rybak finished with 6 goals and 17 points, which tied him with teammate Chershenko for the leading scorer in the playoffs.



It is highly expected that Rybak will inducted into the Hall of Fame the matter of the question is now when will the final goal of his career occur. From Vasteras IK U-20 to the Calgary Wranglers his success has been present, congratulations on a great career to Captain Calgary.



Rybak's jersey retirement banner above

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Content: 3/3 - Over 450 words. It was nice to read a career overview of such an exceptional player.

Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't see any!

Appearance: 1/1 - Really liked that picture at the end! However, I am not to keen on the text font. I don't know why, but it bugs me. haha.

Overall: 6/6 - Great Job!

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