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Claimed: Season 50 VHL Entry Draft: Diana Maxwell [1/2]

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RW - Diana Maxwell

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 169 lbs.

Jersey Number: 19

Drafted: S50 Stockholm 1st Round, 1st Overall

Username: Streetlight


The Season 50 VHL Entry Draft ushered in a new era to the VHL. It would kick start the beginning to a hope that VHL100 would become a real thing. Never before has a sim league reached 50 seasons. So it was special to be apart of this draft class and now as we keep trucking along, every one of these players from this draft class has retired. Let's look back at the 1st overall pick from this class, Right Wing, Diana Maxwell.



Season 49 Prime Minister's Cup Winner with Brampton Blades
Season 50 Bronze Medal with Team United States of America
Season 52 Continental Cup Champion with New York Americans
Season 52 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with New York Americans
Season 52 Silver Medal with Team United Stats of America
Season 53 Continental Cup Champion with New York Americans
Season 53 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with New York Americans
Season 53 Daisuke Kanou Trophy Winner as Playoff MVP
Season 54 Silver Medal with Team United States of America
Season 54 Mike Szatkowski Trophy Winner as League Leader in Points
Season 54 Kevin Brooks Trophy Winner as League Leader in Goals
Season 55 Mike Szatkowski Trophy Winner as League Leader in Points
Season 55 Kevin Brooks Trophy Winner as League Leader in Goals
Season 56 Bronze Medal With Team United States of America
Season 57 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy Winner with Quebec City Meute

Season 48 - Ottawa Lynx

Season 48 Regular Season
S48 VHLM - OTT - 26 GP | 8 G | 3 A | 11 P | +8 | 16 PIM | 38 H | 81 SH | 5 SB

Sseason 48 Playoffs
S48 VHLM - OTT - 11 GP | 8 G | 5 A | 13 P | 0 | 4 PIM | 15 H | 40 SH | 1 SB

Maxwell was picked up by the Ottawa Lynx for the rest of Season 48 and the playoffs if the Lynx were to make it. The Lynx did in fact make the playoffs and finished in 1st place in the North American Conference with 109 points. Maxwell had scored 8 goals and assisted on 3 goals for 11 points in 26 games which was pretty good for a player who just declared her intention to join the VHL one day.


In the playoffs, the Lynx were waiting for the winner of the Saskatoon Wild and Brampton Blades, the Wild finished with 50 more points than the Blades so it was obvious the Wild would meet up with the Lynx. It was surprisingly a quick series win for the Lynx who won in 5 games. In the finals it was 1 in the VHLM vs 2 with the Lynx being 2 and the Bratislava Watchmen being 1. In a tough 6 game series, the Watchmen ended up winning and the Lynx were left disappointed. Maxwell had scored 8 goals and assisted on 5 goals for 13 points in 11 games. She was ready for the VHL already it seemed, but would need to spend one more season in the VHLM per VHL rules.


Season 49 - Brampton Blades

Season 49 Regular Season
S49 VHLM - BRM - 72 GP | 64 G | 55 A | 119 P | +58 | 48 PIM | 85 H | 542 SH | 21 SB

Season 49 Playoffs
S49 VHLM - BRM - 6 GP | 6 G | 0 A | 6 P | -4 | 6 PIM | 6 H | 38 SH | 1 SB

Brampton selected Diana Maxwell with the 3rd overall pick in the Season 49 VHLM Dispersal Draft. She did not disappoint with 64 goals and 55 assists for 119 points in her one and only season in Brampton. The Blades finished 1st in the entire VHLM and won the Prime Minister's Cup with 119 points. This meant the team would be in the playoffs and home ice advantage all the way to the final if they make it there.


In the playoffs, the Blades would await the winner of the Yukon Rush and Ottawa Lynx series. The Rush won the series in 6 games and would now play the Blades. This series went 6 games with the Rush again winning the series. It was a bit of a upset as the Blades were the Prime Minister's Cup Winners. However the Rush finished just 5 points behind them in the standings. Maxwell on the other hand had 6 goals in the 6 games so it wasn't from a lack of trying on her part. She would be a front runner in the VHL for 1st overall.


Season 50 - Stockholm Vikings

Season 50 Regular Season
S50 VHL - STO - 72 GP | 29 G | 20 A | 49 P | -41 | 18 PIM | 104 H | 360 SH | 96 SB

Season 50 Playoffs

Season 50 World Cup
S50 WC - USA - 10 GP | 3 G | 2 A | 5 P | +3 | 14 PIM | 8 H | 61 SH | 2 SB

Season 50 World Cup Playoffs
S50 WC - USA - 3 GP | 1 G | 3 A | 4 P | +4 | 0 PIM | 4 H | 13 SH | 1 SB

Diana Maxwell was selected 1st overall in the Season 50 VHL Entry Draft by the Stockholm Vikings. In his rookie season with the Vikings, he and Essian Ravenwing (more on him in another MS) didn't exactly light the league on fire but they were respectable as rookies given they just had each other. Maxwell led the team in goals and points while Ravenwing led the team in assists. Maxwell scored 29 goals and assisted on 20 goals for 49 points in her rookie season which is respectable. The Stockholm Vikings though did not do very well in the standings with just 27 points and 11 wins. This was dead last in the league. Something major would happen to the young Maxwell in the off-season though.


Maxwell was selected to Team USA for the Season 50 World Cup and she did pretty well considering she was a rookie in the VHL at the time. In 10 round robin games, Maxwell scored 3 goals and assisted on 2 goals for 5 points. The USA went 5-4-1 which was good enough for 16 points and was just 3 points behind team Europe. Team USA would play Team Scandinavia in the quarter final as they finished 5th. A 7-4 win booked USA a spot in the semi's where the USA would play Team World. It was a 5-3 loss that saw USA fall to the Bronze Medal game. After OT in the Bronze game, USA came out on top with a 4-3 win over Team Mercenaries. In the three games, Maxwell scored 1 goal and assisted on 3 goals for 4 points. She looked liked she was about to break out.


Season 51 - New York Americans

Season 51 Regular Season
S51 VHL - NYA - 72 GP | 21 G | 15 A | 36 P | -57 | 22 PIM | 47 H | 395 SH | 49 SB

Season 51 Playoffs

In the off-season, Stockholm traded Diana Maxwell, Essian Ravenwing, Eijah Dotran and Nikki Kisanen to the New York Americans for a Season 52 Davos 1st (Lee King Snatch), Season 52 Quebec 2nd (Die Domi), Season 52 Cologne 2nd (Johnny Styles), Season 53 New York 1st (Skatefast McChunky) and a Season 53 New York 2nd (Luigi De Rossi). It was a blockbuster in every sense of the word. In the end it looks like this was the right more for New York while this just set Stockholm back even further and in the end they never really recovered because they folded at the end of Season 57.


At first this looked like a bad trade for New York because the new acquisition only scored 21 goals and assisted on 15 goals for just 36 points. This lead the Americans in scoring and goals with Ravenwing leading the team in assists. Overall, the Americans were not a very good team with just 36 points on the season which was 9th in the VHL, ahead of the 10th place Stockholm Vikings. Not a very good start to Maxwell's career and there were rumors of bust after this dismal season.


Season 52 - New York Americans

Season 52 Regular Season
S52 VHL - NYA - 72 GP | 39 G | 55 A | 94 P | +58 | 14 PIM | 61 H | 521 SH | 21 SB

Season 52 Playoffs
S52 VHL - NYA - 17 GP | 12 G | 12 A | 24 P | +14 | 22 PIM | 32 H | 86 SH | 3 SB

Season 52 World Cup
S52 WC - USA - 10 GP | 6 G | 7 A | 13 P | +3 | 2 PIM | 26 H | 66 SH | 2 SB

Season 52 World Cup Playoffs
S52 WC - USA - 3 GP | 2 G | 2 A | 4 P | +1 | 8 PIM | 7 H | 15 SH | 3 SB

After a few more pick ups via trade and free agency it looked like the Americans were on the road to competing for the Continental Cup. With continued improvement from Diana Maxwell, it looked like they would be on the road to the cup. Maxwell helped the Americans to a 54 win, 110 point season. Maxwell herself had a very great season scoring 39 goals and assisting on 55 goals for 94 points. This was a great breakout season for Maxwell as it seemed she might be a bust after going 1st OA and only putting up 85 points in 144 games.


In the playoffs, the Americans finished 2nd in the North American Conference and would have to play the 3rd placed Calgary Wranglers who had 107 points of their own. It was a hard fought series for New York but eventually they would win game 7 at home. In the semi-finals, the Americans would now have to play the 1st place Seattle Bears. After a tough series against Calgary, many expected more of the same against Seattle but in face the Americans basically walked through the Bears in just 5 games to make it to the final. In the finals, the Americans would play the Riga Reign. In the final it was more of the same with a 5 game series win. After finishing 9th, the Americans came back this next series and won the Continental Cup. In the playoffs, Maxwell scored 12 goals and assisted on 12 goals for 24 points.


After the playoffs concluded, Diana Maxwell was selected to represent USA once again. After a great season in New York, Maxwell was expected to have a good World Cup too. In 10 games, Maxwell scored 6 goals and assisted on 7 goals for 13 points. The United States had the same 5-4-1 record for 16 points but this time this record was good enough for 3rd place after the round robin. In the quarter-final, USA would play Scandinavia once again and after a 5-1 drubbing, the US of A would move onto the semi-finals once again. In the semi's USA would play team Europe. It took OT, but the USA guaranteed themselves a medal at least with a 4-3 win. In the finals, it was Canada vs USA just as it should be. After being victorious in OT, this time USA would have their hearts broken in the finals. However, a Silver Medal is nothing to be ashamed of. Maxwell was a big part of USA's run to the final with 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 points in 3 games. 


Season 53 - New York Americans

Season 53 Regular Season
S53 VHL - NYA - 72 GP | 64 G | 73 A | 137 P | +93 | 66 PIM | 199 H | 568 SH | 31 SB

Season 53 Playoffs
S53 VHL - NYA - 19 GP | 12 G | 12 A | 24 P | +4 | 20 PIM | 66 H | 124 SH | 9 SB

Coming off a Continental Cup, Maxwell looked prime for a breakout with 24 points in 19 games in the playoffs. She broke out in a big way for New York with 64 goals and 73 assists for 137 points. It was huge from her 94 point season in Season 52. The Americans though, finished 2nd once again with a 54 win, 118 point season which was just 4 points behind the Seattle Bears.


In the playoffs, the Americans would have to again play the 3rd place game but this time it would be the Quebec City Meute. It wasn't a tough series like last season though, the Americans walked right through them with a 4-1 series win. In the semi-finals though, it would be a much tougher task as the Bears wanted to make up for their disappointing series last year in the conference finals against the Americans. The Americans though, came out on top after a hard fought 7 game series. In the finals, the Americans were going to play the Stockholm Vikings who were looking to win just their 3rd VHL championship in 53 seasons. It wasn't meant to be though as the Americans won back to back Continental Cups. Maxwell scored 12 goals and assisted on 12 goals for 24 points in 19 playoff games. Diana also added her first individual trophy after the playoffs, with the Daisuke Kanou Trophy for Playoff MVP.


Season 54 - New York Americans

Season 54 Regular Season
S54 VHL - NYA - 72 GP | 60 G | 64 A | 124 P | +79 | 61 PIM | 141 H | 516 SH | 50 SB

Season 54 Playoffs
S54 VHL - NYA - 9 GP | 7 G | 5 A | 12 P | +5 | 14 PIM | 27 H | 67 SH | 10 SB

Season 54 World Cup
S54 WC - USA - 10 GP | 8 G | 8 A | 16 P | +10 | 18 PIM | 51 H | 68 SH | 3 SB

Season 54 World Cup Playoffs
S54 WC - USA - 2 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P | +1 | 8 PIM | 12 H | 9 SH | 1 SB

After back to back championship winning seasons, there were talks of maybe a 3rd straight cup but the leagues team had gotten stronger particularly the Quebec City Meute who had climbed from 75 points in Season 53 to 124 points in Season 54. The Americans meanwhile were firmly entrenched in 2nd with 109 points. Maxwell had another great season with 60 goals and 64 assists for 124 points. Back to back 100 point seasons is something players these days can firmly hang their hats on as a great accomplishment. Diana Maxwell led the league in Goals and Points which earned her the Mike Szatkowski Trophy and Kevin Brooks Trophy.


In the playoffs, the Americans would play the upstart Toronto Legion who made the playoffs for the first time in a while. The Americans were too much for them and swept the Legion. For the 3rd straight season, the Americans would be playing for the right to play in the Finals. This time it would be against the Quebec City Meute. In 5 games though, the Meute just walked through the Americans. Overall, in 9 games, Maxwell scored 7 goals and assisted on 5 goals for 12 points. Maxwell had another great season but had a lack of team success in the playoffs this time around.


United States had their best tournament yet with a 8-2-0 record which was first in the Round Robin. Maxwell was a big part in this with 8 goals and 8 assists for 16 points. USA would get a bye straight into the semi's and await their opponent. For the 3rd straight time in the playoffs, USA would play Scandinavia. This time just a 1-0 win would help the USA past the Scandinavians and back to the finals. There, the Americans would play another familiar foe with against their Northern Rivals. After a 3-2 loss, the Americans would claim a silver medal for back to back tournaments. This one stung quite a bit after losing in the last World Cup finals. Maxwell didn't have a big presence in the playoffs with 0 points in the 2 games. That was probably the difference in the finals as Maxwell should have been a difference maker.


Season 55 - New York Americans

Season 55 Regular Season
S55 VHL - NYA - 72 GP | 55 G | 59 A | 114 P | +65 | 40 PIM | 143 H | 587 SH | 30 SB

Season 55 Playoffs
S55 VHL - NYA - 10 GP | 3 G | 5 A | 8 P | -2 | 10 PIM | 26 H | 81 SH | 8 SB

The Americans and Diana Maxwell had another type of season that both were accustomed to at this point. The Americans had 49 wins (49+ wins 4 straight seasons) and Maxwell has her 4th straight season with 94 or more plus 3 straight with 114 points or more. Maxwell scored 55 goals and assisted on 59 goals for 114 points. For the 2nd season in a row, Maxwell led the league in Goals and Points which bagged her back to back Kevin Brooks and Mike Szatkowski Trophies.


Much like last season, the Americans finished 2nd and had to play the third place team which this time was the Calgary Wranglers. In 5 quick games, the Wranglers were dispatched from the playoffs. In the conference final though, the Americans went up against the Meute once again and once again, the Meute just were too much and beat the Americans in 5 games. Maxwell scored 3 goals and assisted on 5 goals for 8 points. It was kind of a disappointing playoff for Maxwell if we are being honest.


Season 56 - HC Davos Dynamo

Season 56 Regular Season
S56 VHL - DAV - 72 GP | 58 G | 56 A | 114 P | +73 | 108 PIM | 277 H | 514 SH | 27 SB

Season 56 Playoffs
S56 VHL - DAV - 20 GP | 9 G | 4 A | 13 P | +5 | 22 PIM | 72 H | 113 SH | 4 SB

Season 56 World Cup
S56 WC - USA - 10 GP | 6 G | 5 A | 11 P | +5 | 12 PIM | 30 H | 78 SH | 4 SB

Season 56 World Cup Playoffs
S56 WC - USA - 3 GP | 2 G | 3 A | 5 P | 0 | 4 PIM | 24 H | 36 SH | 2 SB

In the off-season, the Americans decided to rebuild as they weren't getting younger and the Meute were just getting stronger so Maxwell was traded away after 5 seasons and after 6 seasons together Diana Maxwell and Essian Ravenwing were going to be split up. Maxwell was traded to HC Davos Dynamo while Ravenwing was traded to the Riga Reign. Maxwell and Motherfucker Sharpe were traded to the Dynamo for a Season 56 Davos 1st (Igor Mjers), Season 58 Davos 1st (Akesel McKnight) and a Season 58 Davos 2nd (Vladislav Koradek).


Maxwell came to Davos and did what she usually does. Make players around her better and get over 113 (4 straight seasons with 114 or more). She scored 58 goals and assisted on 56 goals for 114 points. She was definitely a Offensive Dynamo and was a shrewd pickup. The Dynamo though finished 2nd in the European Conference with 56 wins and 114 points just 3 points behind the Riga Reign.


In the playoffs, the Dynamo would have to play the Helsinki Titans, who at the time were the two time defending champions. It was a very hard series that went the distance in which the Dynamo came out on top. In the semi finals, the top seeded Riga Reign waited. In another hard series, the Dynamo ended up winning in 6 games. In the final, the now three time finalist awaited and that was Maxwell's new found rival as they knocked her team out two seasons running. It was another hard series for the Dynamo but in the end they came up just short with a 7 game loss. It is absolutely heart breaking to lose that 7th game no matter what sport you play. Maxwell again had a so-so playoffs with just 9 goals and 4 assists for 13 points in 20 games.


Coming into her last World Cup, Maxwell wanted to do everything she could to try and win a Gold Medal that has eluded her the past two World Cups. USA fell to 4th in the standings with a 5-5-0 record. Maxwell had a good round robin with 6 goals and 5 assists for 11 points in 10 games. Maxwell tried her best without a doubt. In the playoffs, the USA would play the Mercenaries in the quarter-final and it wasn't even close with a 6-1 win. In the semi's the USA would play Canada once again but it wasn't meant to be after a close OT game, the Americans would have to be forced to play the Bronze Medal game. In the game, OT was one again needed and USA took the Bronze Medal. This ended Maxwell's World Cup career and she ended with a medal in every tournament.


Season 57 - Quebec City Meute

Season 57 Regular Season
S57 VHL - QUE - 72 GP | 42 G | 45 A | 87 P | +58 | 107 PIM | 374 H | 448 SH | 24 SB

Season 57 Playoffs
S57 VHL - QUE - 12 GP | 5 G | 6 A | 11 P | -6 | 12 PIM | 67 H | 72 SH | 3 SB

After Season 56, the Dynamo went on a surprising tire fire off-season selling off every warm body they could and getting all the draft picks. Maxwell was one of those players traded away. Coming into her last season, she was shipped off to the team that knocked her out in the playoffs 3 seasons in a row. Maxwell was traded with Lee King Snatch and a Season 59 Davos 2nd for John Locke, a Season 57 Quebec 2nd (Matt Denning) and a Season 59 Quebec 1st. So far it is a win for Quebec in my opinion, however, I can't remember who or what Locke was traded for so depending on that trade, it could not be a win for Quebec.


In her last season, after 4 straight seasons with 114 points or more, the 87 points she put up in Season 57 could be considered a let down. I don't think that is fair though, this point total was still 2nd in team scoring for the Meute and her physicality really helped the Meute. She scored 42 goals and assisted on 45 goals for 87 points. This was her 6th straight season with over 87 points. The Meute finished 1st in the North American Conference once again with over 100 points.


In the playoffs, the Meute came 1st in the Conference so they had the bye into the semi's once again and would play the winner out of the Toronto Legion vs Calgary Wranglers. The Legion won the series and would have to go up against the defending champs and 3 time finalist in back to back to back seasons. In 6 games, the Meute won a surprising series and were on their way to a 4th straight final appearance. In the finals, the Riga Reign awaited and their high powered offense. Skye could only take so much but the Reign ended up winning the Continental Cup. Maxwell had scored 5 goals and assisted on 6 goals for 11 points in 12 games in her last playoff appearance.


Career Regular Season:

Career VHLM: 98 GP | 72 G | 58 A | 130 P | +66 | 64 PIM | 143 H | 623 SH | 26 SB
Career VHL: 576 GP | 368 G | 387 A | 755 P | +328 | 436 PIM | 1346 H | 3909 SH | 328 SB

Career Playoffs:

Career VHLM: 17 GP | 14 G | 5 A | 19 P | -4 | 10 PIM | 21 H | 78 SH | 2 SB
Career VHL: 87 GP | 48 G | 44 A | 92 P | +20 | 100 PIM | 290 H | 543 SH | 37 SB

Career World Cup:

Career Round Robin: 40 GP | 23 G | 22 A | 45 P | +21 | 115 H | 273 SH | 11 SB
Career Playoffs: 11 GP | 5 G | 8 A | 13 P | +6 | 20 PIM | 47 H | 73 SH | 7 SB

Diana Maxwell without a doubt is a Hall of Fame player and she will go in on first ask. Maxwell has scored 368 goals and assisted on 387 goals for 755 points to go along with two Continental Cups and some individual trophies with a Kanou Trophy, Szatkowski Trophy x2 and Brooks Trophy x2. She also has 2 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze Medals. It has been a wonderful career for Diana and she definitely is one of the faces for the post 50 VHL as the first draft pick of the second half of the century so far. Congrats @Strtlght on a wonderful career. Hopefully you come back to us soon and make more great players like Maxwell.

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