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First Intermission Interview: Colton Rayne


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PBP: At the end of one period the score is the New York Americans, leading HC Dynamo by the score of 1-0.  Joining us between periods is the man with the lone assist on the only goal of the game, Americans Rookie Defenseman Colton Rayne.   Colton, thanks for joining us.  What did you see on that play that lead to McKnight burying the puck behind Brodeur?


CR: Thanks! Yea, you know, we were already deep in the zone, you know, and Quacker took a shot, you know, and Fujer recovered the rebound along the boards, you know, then one of their guys took out Fujer, you know, and the puck snuck up the boards to me, you know, I saw Knighty open on the far side, you know, I just tried to get it in his wheel house, you know, and he buried it.


PBP: Well you guys are off to a stellar start this game, but there have been rumblings of players not producing up and down the line up, what do you have to say about that?


CR: Well you know, we're still a very young team, you know, most of our roster has just entered the league within the last 2-3 years, you know, maybe we need to bounce our lines around or something, but I'm not worried yet.  This team has a lot of talent that hasn't hit it's stride yet, you know, and I'm not worried.  This team will be eating up the competition before you know it, you know.


PBP: thanks for the time Colton.  Good luck in the rest of the game.


CR: Yep

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