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Claimed: Boeser/Snatch: New Found Love


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Boeser and Snatch


This season has had one major story for the Toronto Legion, and it involves the forward group. Following last season where Bo Boeser held down a spot within the Top 10 elites of the VHL, he was looking to repeat that again this season on his next run at the cup. In the off-season, the Legion acquired a veteran forward who has also seen time as a defenseman in his career, but never seemed to truly find a home. Lee King Snatch found his scoring touch right away in Toronto, clicking with the likes of Bo Boeser, Verner Reinholdt, Marc-Alexandre Leblanc, Xander Finn, and Daring Do.


In Season 57, Bo Boeser and Lee King Snatch are the stories coming out of Legion territory, with obvious nods to both Pablo and Leblanc. Boeser and Snatch are going par for par in goals and points, leading the way for the Toronto Legion which has been a big spark to Snatch's career. Unforunately for the Legion, Snatch's first season in Toronto will be his last in the VHL. A little bit bittersweet for both Boeser and the rest of his team. Pablo and crashed his way onto the scene in blue and white as well, leading in points for all defenseman in the league, which is a major upgrade from his previous years in Quebec City. Pablo was always overshadowed by bigger names in Quebec, like Jokinen and others, but has found his way in Toronto as their number one guy offensively. You would think that with Roman Sokolov on the back end, Pablo would be the one taking the back seat, but he was seemed to carry the load thus far. That's not to say any ill words about Sokolov either, as he is not that far behind in production.






But back on topic to Boeser and Snatch. Let's look at Bo Boeser first of all. Boeser is 7th in the VHL with 64 points, only 9 behind the current leader, Lukas Muller. With his 29 goals, he is 4th in the VHL in that category, where Gabriel McAllister leads the way at 39. Bo also has 35 assists, which is good for 10th in the league.


When you look over at Lee King Snatch on the other hand, he is side by side with Bo Boeser. Boeser has 29 goals, while Snatch has 30. Boeser is 7th in the VHL in points, whereas Snatch has 1 point less in 8th. In the assists column Boeser has 35, while Snatch has 33. Talk about chemistry.


The two of these players sit side by side in most categories of stats, and even when you look at shots, they are right near each other. Lee has 294 shots to Bo's 296. Neither player is being selfish, and both are obviously passing and scoring with each other with every given chance. It will be interesting to see if they keep up this pace, or even if they can rise higher or fall lower in the league standings in point production.


Here's some fun facts as well: Daring Do leads the VHL in plus/minus. Pablo leads all VHL defensemen in points. Bo Boeser has the league's longest scoring streak with 6 games. Torstein Ironside has the most shutouts with 11.

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