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Claimed: Random Robbie Thoughts EP3 "Portal" [1/2]


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So the VHL announced the magazine is coming back but not the way you think it is. It's not coming back in a magazine PDF file. It's coming back on the VHL portal. Now I could actually read the post made in the Magazine section about actual details about this, but I choose to give this the good ole Robbie Try. My thoughts are this. Why launch/relaunch (don't know, don't care) the portal with the Magazine? even if the league had it before because the portal does have articles and such on it (not up to date) people clearly don't care enough about it to go on it. So why post a magazine on the portal? you would be posting one thing people don't care about on something else that they care even less about. 


Now with the announcement of the mag coming back, the issue is getting someone who cares enough (really don't have to care much) to be the editor of the magazine. I do not see anyone saying that they will do it. Well guess what? I ROBBIE FUCKING ZIMMERS put my hat in the ring for the job. When the mag was shutdown months ago I said I would do it so it could keep running. Back then no one said they would do it. Same thing now. So yes I will do the job. 


You must be thinking oh shit. Either I have massive ideas for the Magazine or it will fail under me like it has many times before. Well I am here to tell you to not worry your little ass too much because I have huge ideas. If you think my plan with Vegas was amazing wait till I officially get announced as the editor. There will be massive sweeping changes. The updates around the new mag will be rammed down your throat till you gag like Aurora Snow (so i'm told) If you think the new magazine will just be something you read you are sadly fucking mistaken. I have ideas that will have you involved while you read. You will want to tune in every week to see what new shit I come up with. 


Oh and if you think that there will be not enough writers for the mag well first off I have a few guys that said they would write and even if that fails which it may. I Robert Zimmers the very first will take the mag on my back and carry it. I did my own magazine for a few weeks before before I got bored and moved on from it. Can that happen again here? sure. Anything has a chance of happening. I am not here saying I will be doing the job for however long the league is around. Fact is that I plan to leave the league after Ko Kane and V2EH. Maybe another player after them. But the fact is that I will be passing off a magazine that is much more better off then it is now which is a magazine begging for someone to take the editor job so they don't have to give it to me.

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It's always funny reading your dated articles. The lack of graders really hits home in the podcast section though. :lol:

I honestly don't mind the portal. It's kind of cool to check out. I don't always feel the need to though. I do like the player pages on the portal as well.

Good write-up.

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