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  • In the VHL Power Rankings, Toronto's jumped from 3rd to 1st in the past week
  • Seattle has dropped to 3rd
  • @CowboyinAmerica has jumped to the front of the MVP with 40 goals and 76 points through 45 games
  • Speaking of Cowboy, how in the hell does he already have 720 TPE? That's more than 300 TPE more than me in only a single season extra - crazy shit man
  • I'm really liking the way this season has been simmed, in that every team plays the same number of games each sim. Makes it real easy to compare how players/teams are doing in comparison to each other
  • We're finally starting to see some separation of teams.
  • Toronto/Seattle/Riga have formed a clear top 3. New York/Helsinki have the final 2 playoff spots pretty much locked up, Davos and Quebec are the clear bottom of the league, and Calgary is alone in no-man's land, hoping for lottery luck.
  • The trade deadline should be coming up soon. Nothing official has been announced, but with game 54 being the 2/3 mark of the season and fast-approaching, it can't be far away.
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