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Two more player pages for the week


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Diana Maxwell Player Page @Strtlght

Theo Axelsson Player Page @solas

Essian Ravenwing Player Page @der meister

Asher Donovan Player Page @Dangles13 (RIP)


I have updated two more players for the week. 3rd and 4th Overall have been done and write ups will be done after the 4 weeks for the other two are done lol. Either way what do you guys think of the 4 players done so far. I mean obviously Donovan is 4th out of 4. How would you rank the other players careers? It is pretty hard to judge to be honest. Maxwell has the most points out of all them and has 2 Cups and the most individual trophies. She's probably number 1. Theo Axelsson has more points than Ravenwing but Ravenwing has more cups. I think though with a Gold Medal and more two way forwards, Axelsson is 2nd with Ravenwing 3rd. However, it was a pretty good draft top 3 after all as just looking at names that these three are definitely top of the class. Asher had so muh potential after his monster S49 in the VHLM but he went inactive. RIP what could have been.

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