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S58 Trivia Week 3 Results


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1 correct answer = 1 capped TPE + 1 point on S50 leaderboard
2 correct answers = 1 capped TPE + 2 points on S50 leaderboard



REMINDER: No question ever asked in VHL Trivia requires the use of season indexes.



1a. Who were the two non-Hall of Famers on the S18 Era Team in the S40 Hall of Fame tournament? Mathias Chouinard & Jakob Kjeldsen 


2a. Which member is the only member with two different HOF goaltenders?  Jardy 


3a. What position has the least amount of VHL Hall of Famers? Right Wing - 15 


123b. Who has the most TPE in VHL Hall of Fame History? Lord Karnage - 1561 



1 TPE for Questions

@Smarch x1

@Quik x3


1 TPE for answers

@Quik (2)

@CowboyinAmerica (2)

@Velevra (2)

@Da Trifecta(2)

@philthethrill81 (2)

@Spade18 (2)

@solas (2)

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tpe for claimed for doing nothing ?


Image result for funny laugh gif cartoon


your attempt is miserable


maybe I need to rub it in your face a little bit more. Aw shit I can't do that anymore, the last time I did that, you went to papa devise and cried about it

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