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As the VHL has cleaned house, made a few drastic (and good IMO) changes the last few days it seems a time to consider if we could see something of a renaissance in the league. It was never perfect we used to argue a lot back in the day when we were all 14, but it became increasingly clear one member in particular was "problematic" and it seemed banning that member was the only solution. I actually had no issue with the person outside of the stuff he said to @Banackock but all in all it seemed an inevitable and needed move for us to go forward. I actually think trolling and messing around is a big part of internet culture and there isn't much we can do to combat it, but there has to be an expectation of civility that was clearly not being met here. So good work all around. Sucks it had to end that way for him but he made his own bed.


The first big change that I like is the portal. It makes checking in on the league so much easier and makes the league look a lot  more professional. Leagues like the EFL and the SBA have a much more modern approach to their statistics and I think this helps them in attracting members. @Will did a hell of a job on it so hats off to him and whoever else may have helped with it.


I can't find the page for the other announced changes so I have no clue what happened there. Maybe I'm too stupid to find it or maybe it was deleted. Either way, I liked the changes overall in terms of making point tasks worth 8 TPE instead of 6 and making welfare worth more. These are the two ones that effect me the most since I have an active player (The Charm) and a mostly Welfare one in Slava Aleksei. I should be able to keep both players relatively competitive without losing an edge with one or the other. The other changes in terms of letting EFL or SBA point tasks being used is one I like too since it will let people from those leagues create a player over here with less effort. Maybe they aren't big fans of hockey but want to partake in the oldest sim league on the internet and now, thanks to the proposes changes, they have that chance.


I think the changes are ultimately good as hell and am not really sure why people disagreed other then to be contrarian. I have a player in the EFL and being able to copy and paste my VHL point tasks over to there has made me at least consider being active with them where as I would normally have just ignored it as another league. Seeing as how the VHL is the oldest and most successful sim league it only makes sense for these other leagues to want to work in unison with us to make the online sim experience that much better.


+6 for Charm

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