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Catching Up With Boes


After last season, analysts were curious as to whether or not Bo Boeser could repeat his Top 10, 100 point season. Boeser finished with 56 goals and 52 assists, for a combination of 108 points, which was best in his career so far. With linemates like Sami Zayn, Luigi De Rossi, and of course Xander Finn, Verner Reinholdt, and Daring Do, Boeser took charge of the team and was the only one past 40 goals and 100 points. Verner Reinholdt was the closest to him with 37 goals and 90 points on the Legion.


Coming into Season 58 were some new linemates for Bo Boeser as well as some familiar ones. Both Marc-Alexandre Leblanc and Lee King Snatch joined the team with the departure of Zayn and De Rossi, which was definitely a major upgrade. Pablo also joined the team on defense and has been blowing away expectations.


Right now, Boeser looks to be on pace to break his previous records in the VHL. In 57 games, he has 37 goals and 45 assists, good for 82 points. With 15 games left, he may not reach his previous plateau of 56 goals, but beating 108 points seems to be a good bet. We'll see what happens at this point, but if he continues to play hot like he has been, then he will out-do himself.






In the goals column, he is tied for 5th overall with 37 goals alongside Shawn Gretzky. To reach that 56 goal mark that he had last season, he would need another 19 in these remaining games, which seems like a lost battle already, but you never know. Both Boeser and Lee King Snatch have been firing on all cylinders all season long, so it is not out of question for him to at least hit that 50 goal milestone again. To add on to those 37 goals of Bo's are his game winners. He has 10 game winning goals, which is tied for 2nd in the VHL, only 1 behind league leading John Locke. Boeser is tied with Franchise Cornerstone and Gabriel McAllister in that regard. To go along with those winners are his 4 game tying goals, which is also 2nd in the league. Only Fredinamijs Krigars has more with 5. Surprisingly enough, at 56 games in, Bo Boeser only has one hat trick, which is odd for a guy among the goal leaders. Gabriel McAllister and Krigars are among the leaders in hat tricks with 5 and 4, so seeing Boeser with only 1 feels off. Nonetheless, Boeser has an obvious knack for scoring goals.


One area that Bo Boeser seems to be in the tops of the VHL in consistently is hits taken. He takes a lot of damage, and right now is 2nd in the VHL with 197 hits taken. That's only behind the 205 taken by Franchise Cornerstone. Boeser has definitely been a target for everyone on the opposing team to slow down, and possibly those hits taken are one of the reasons why he is not further up in goals.




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