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I don't really want to commit fully at the moment (I'm in a tired stupor but can't seem to fall asleep, when I'm in full charge of my faculties again I may not want to take this on) but I'm thinking of doing a GOT style series with VHL former players, except the Iron Throne is the role of Commissioner of the League (Commissioner of the storyline hockey version, not commissioner of the forums, so it would not be a replacement in-lore for @Will @Beketov @Devise). Loosely inspired by the VERY OLD series by @JardyB10 the assassination of David Knight or whatever it was, but not actually that at all, just kind of in the same vein. I guess in a way it would be an episodic similarly to King and Mulligan, in that it would exist in the fictional VHL-specific world but wouldn't really directly have anything to do with the on ice performance in the sim or anything.


I'm looking for two things here, should I decide to move forward:


1. Members who have had a former player, who have not given their player a canonical ending (as in, when you retired the player, you didn't write anything about what happened to the player, his/her official storyline isn't that he/she's dead or an NHLer or what have you) who would be willing to use their player in this series. Please list the player or players you'd be willing to use below. State if you'd like the player to be mostly good, mostly bad, or solidly in the middle, or that you don't care and he/she can be any.


2. Members who have not had a former player (i.e. first gens) or have had brief stints with players but haven't really had one retire, you guys can create one character per member to enter into this series. Put a name, hypothetically the position this character played when he/she theoretically would have been in the league, and again a good/bad/middle preference if you have one.


Your character may die (most probably will, it's GOT style after all) but you don't have to consider the series the canonical end of your player, even if so. I'll also be throwing in some old players from members who are long since gone, mostly to make up the smallfolk or minor less-important characters (Hot Pie, Ilyn Payne type characters) although perhaps with a few playing more key roles (Scotty as a Jon Arryn style kickoff character kind of writes itself). Members who are here will generally have at least mid-important roles in the storyline. Setting is of course more of a modern day.

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  • Commissioner

The only player I’ve ever had that I gave a legit ending to was Beketov. You can freely have any of my others so:


Robert Sharpe

Alex Young

Niklas Kristensen (please kill him in some terrible way)

Jason White

Evgeni Chekhov

Jackson Miller

Jakab Holik


Feel free to use any or all of them I don’t really care who’s good and who’s bad etc but if you use multiple then try to do a bit of everything.

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Matt Bailey was my best player and I never really gave him an ending I don’t think. 


You could also use Branden Snelheid if you want, the only real ending I gave him was having a shitty son who sucked in the VHL lol (Braden)

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Joey Kendrick

Torsten Schwarz

Malcolm Kelly

Jakub Kjeldsen

Kasey Braun

Kameron Taylor

Mason Richardson

Tyson Kohler

Markus King

Chase Keller


Feel free to use any you want in whatever role you want

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3 hours ago, Devise said:

I never gave Skylar Rift the two-face himself a canonical ending. I believe the open ended nature I left it at was that he had disappeared, so feel free to use him however you'd like. :P 

Oh this'll be fun...

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1 minute ago, Devise said:


Considering my CGY history, the fact that I'm an admin and just banned a user I'm fully prepared to be a villain here lol.

Probably, but one that's more cunning and sneaky than outright cruel. Kind of a S1-4 Littlefinger before he got all creeper on everything.

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I remember the good old days - Maester Chershenko used to tell us stories growing up about the days when the French walked the earth. According to the stories, they could talk the First Players to death with a single comment, and then some legendary heroes locked them behind the zamboni closet, never to be seen from again. Of course, these were just stories, tales of intrigue to expand the minds and curiosities of budding young players. Can you imagine something so scary? French people, wandering among us? Where if you turn around the wrong corner at the wrong time, you could be met with a barrage of arguments and your untimely demise? Thankfully, we don't have to worry about that, everyone knows the French are just a myth.

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I'm assuming Jardy B went on to become a Commissioner at some point. I don't know what he's doing now. Popping in and out as an ambassador? Quietly pulling strings behind the scenes in some set gambling ring? Who knows.


CAL G, Naomi Young, SANDRO CLEGANE, and I suppose that's all my not current players, are entirely open ended.

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