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We can here it echo among the forum shadows. Throughout the web and into the tiniest of all cracks in the VHL atmosphere, she screams ever so quietly - "Shut the fuck up Banackock. We get it. You have ideas" and I do. The problem with it is, most of them are huge, not plausible or really will only be an additional with potentially limited benefits to the league and it's members. Little harsh? Maybe. I'm just trying to be a little non-biased to get a couple likes on this article without having to give out some VHL blowies. I actually think a lot of my ideas are solid because lets face it, a lot of members will see these articles and then come out with them in their own articles or in the BOG as if they came up with them themselves. So I got that going for me anyway. Now, with the previous article you know I've been struggling lately here and the enjoyment has been heavily sucked out of my seemingly lifeless, VHL soul. What can we do to reverse this?


1. Take a break. Have a kit kat. Jerk off, come back.

It may be something I need to do. I am and always with be, first, a GM. I love the guys, whether they enjoy me or not (I know most do but have always questioned @tfong). I would retire my players for my team (done it twice to recreate for team needs), stay up talking trades when I should be sleeping, check in on my phone at work when it could land me in shit and talk to people I have recently found a distaste for just to benefit my organization and guys who play here (that guy was boubabi when he was trying to be a GM again). A break isn't always bad, but it wouldn't be a huge break. Just stepping back a little. We've thankfully got a good group of guys who are always offering ideas and @CowboyinAmerica has exceeded expectations of not only being a great player, but an asset that would never be able to be replaced as he's been hired on as a temporary coach to handle lines (I'm either too stupid or getting STHS on Mac really is a bitch).


2. The league needs more options for TPE

Man, I'm so fucking bored writing the same shit week after week and doing the same tasks again and again. Talk about the same Taylor Swift song playing on the radio over and over and you just wanting to grab the closest sharp object near you and dissecting the fuck out of your ears. We need some alternatives. With my role as financier, I don't do VHL.com's or whatever they are because let's face it, I make up with it for my job and don't wanna waste 5 minutes writing 150 words that isn't going to attract any attention or activity anyway. Here's some quickies for the VHL - and we all know they'll attract some attention because Quickie is pretty much @Higgins's middle name. 


  • I'll say it over and over, themed Media Spots should be a section where people get to do WEEKLY tasks. It can be 150-200 words for 2-3 TPE and each week the theme will change. Example of themes (very quick and brief ideas - they'd obviously be most lengthy and descriptive), Graphics: Make a poster for this or that, Your team came out with new merchandise, let's see it etc... Written: It's the off-season, what did your player do?... Your team wants to a land a big player in the off-season... make up a scenario on your trying to get his attention - example, emails - phone calls - stalking them ETC
  • Activity Check - Why up Welfare? It's fine where it's at. You can either just up the shit we have, or bring in more alternatives. Bring in more areas for people to post, check and do shit with. I can either earn 5-6 on welfare or bring about this option and give more options and such. Weekly, post your name and team and earn yourself 1 TPE. That's fuck all, benefits the league and is technically a form of welfare. Let's us know whose around, keeps the people happy and is a regular thing in other leagues. People like comfortability and similarities. 
  • MORE STORE SHIT - Be nice to be able to purchase some other shit. Equipment like gloves, sticks, shoulder pads or pads, blocker/glove and shit like that. We could also buy say - Endorsements, which would give us money every week. Say you got McDonalds for 500K, Nike for 1M and Rebook for 2M. Each one will earn you a certain amount of money every week - say McDonalds 150K, Nike 300K and Rebook 500K and they go on for say 6 weeks. The numbers are rough and quick writings, but take it for what it's worth. 
  • BUMP THE CAP - When's the last time someone really has negotiated a contract? I've done it twice in the last two seasons in the SHL and it's not just "okay, accept the league minimum because every good team is up against the cap and the rest are shit teams. Why on earth don't we let our players have a little fun and let them explore their options while also having the options to control more of their contracts? It's so boring to just know what you're getting - why not have some players make 3M, some 5 and others 7. It makes it more realistic and also opens up the door for more activity around the league (as players have more money and let's not kid ourselves, people like money). I say bump the cap to 40M as a test and let us enjoy. If we're expecting the league to grow anyway - we should definitely be raising the cap anyway. I'd love some wiggle room to negotiate with my players and man, it's shit but also part of the job when someones a dick and says "nah, I want 7M, not 4.25 - sorry".
  • STOLEN IDEA BUT I LOVE IT - PRESS CONFERENCE - Was it @Kendrick who posted it? Either way, love the idea. We got a press conference section and each week we post our weekly post in our very own member section and the league asks us questions. After a specific amount, you get 2 TPE. Again, different alternatives, different ideas and a uniqueness about it. I dig the idea, see it as something good for the current guys, however, don't overly see it too much as something that's gonna make outsiders go "wow, they have this. LETS JOIN!". Either way, good idea. I think both this and the themed media spots should be brought in.
  • Owners - If we were to bring in more money, I really like this idea and you can't tell me people from all over wouldn't join the site to own their very own hockey team, control every aspect of it (finances, team name, logo, were they play and who runs the team as a manager). Make the cost of every team 100M to start. Then, it's a raise to 100M. After that, the owner owns the team and can sell it for whatever they want (maybe we have a value chart, but then they can still do whatever - sorta like a forbes listing). I REALLY love this idea but doubt it'll get put into the league. I just see it as something that would be very hard to bring into the league, but if it were, it'll either be a waste or really bring people to the league. It would also be fun to be a GM and know that "hey, If I do nothing or am lazy or whatever, I can get fired". MAYBE also have GM contracts????



So if I had to say which Ideas I really enjoy, it would be the Ownership (1), Themed Point Task (2), Press Conference (3) and Activity Check (4). I can't stress enough how excited I would be for the Ownership thing to come about and think it would be a huge boost to the league. What did players love about this league as opposed to a GM league where it's strictly GM's controlling real NHL rosters? It offered something DIFFERENT? Other than I think the PHL (which is dead????), no one has it, right? Who wouldn't want that. It would add realism, add so much opportunity and alternatives and make everything better all the way from a   commissioner, GM or player. 


3. I need 1,500 words so I can have 3 weeks off. So here's this too.

The league needs to be more lively but people have to remember that this is all for fun. At the end of the day, without any of us here, it's nothing. It's dead and fuck all. We have assholes like @boubabi who run their mouths and while I have never hated him, the last little while, he's been an annoying prick who does nothing but bring negativity about while being a cunt to everyone. Unacceptable and while some member like Gorlab don't understand, I fully do - and I'm a member of the BoG, Gorlab. Enough of the bullshit. There's no reason to dislike anyone here or be a dick to anyone. That's one thing I used to like about this site over the SHL was that it wasn't a bunch of internet trolls who were 12 years old and thought copying and pasting the word "penis" 300 times in a thread was funny. It seems times are changing for that too though. 



Anyway, PEACE. 1,620 words.


15-21 (Jan)

22-28 (Jan)

29 (Jan) - 4th (Feb)

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I’ve akways been against an activity check and still am. How does it benefit the league ant when it’s literally just making everyone post 1 word? Leave it as a VHLM bonus, the big league doesn’t need it.

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