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Claimed: On a crash course with myself [1/2]


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It's a weird experience, being a player on one VHLM team and helping to GM another team. It's not necessarily going to amount to much, considering the cyclical nature of the VHLM, if one team is good and the other is rebuilding - the two should just flip for the following season and then keep alternating between themselves into perpetuity, or at least until the player is in the VHL. This, however, is not the case this year. The Las Vegas Aces (where my player, Evan R. Lawson, is a mediocre left winger) and the Oslo Storm (where I'm kind of helping Boragina along although he's doing just fine on his own to be honest) are set to be the 2 and 3 seeds in the playoffs and face each other in the first round (or second, if you consider the 4 and 5 seed series its own round). In fact, there's a good margin between these two teams and either the 1 or 4 seed, and the only real movement either team is likely to do is to flip flop between themselves.


It's almost certainly a conflict of interest, but at the same time it means that no matter what, I'm guaranteed to have some preference in the finals (although as the underdog to one of the best teams the league has ever seen, so it will most likely be irrelevant). So here's where I have to decide which team I'd prefer in the almost certain scenario where they play each other.


In favor of Vegas, I played for them briefly with Hrdina as well before being traded, so that's both a positive and a negative (a positive in that Spade signed me from FA once and also drafted me once, but a negative in that he ultimately traded me away last time, although I don't see that coming this time). Lawson's doing decently in the league this year, and I'm not typically one to get actual success with players, so that's interesting. Obviously "doing decently" is relative, 46 points in 52 games isn't even remotely approaching the top few players, considering there are 14 players with more than double my total (and Adam Warlock is a single point short of having 4 times as much as me) but as a brand new player who didn't have carryover it's still honestly pretty decent.


In favor of Oslo, they were the last team I GMed before I went inactive, and I didn't really do right by them, so this is kind of the opportunity to right the ship. Technically, though, I hold no official position. Bora and I are kind of co-running it, but he's the official one, he's the one that can post deals for new players and that sort of thing, and my advisory role isn't really a role at all. Plus I trust Bora to be better for Oslo than I was back when I was the actual GM of them (and I hope for his sake that he can get up there toward my time GMing Ottawa, that would be a hell of a way to leave his legacy on that team).


I guess in general, I'm leaning slightly toward Vegas, but honestly I just want either one to upset Ottawa in the finals (or for Yukon to upset Ottawa in round 2 and then fall to the new favorite in either Oslo or Vegas).

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