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Claimed: Random Robbie Thoughts EP6 "Quick Thoughts" [1/2]


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First off I would like to voice how much I hate the New England Patriots. They won tonight and are off to the Superbowl... Tom Brady has been in 15% of all Superbowls... so yes that is my first thought. Deal with it. It's sports related. Hockey is a sport. VHL being a hockey sim league makes it remotely on topic.


2nd thought: Ko Kane my D player... Well honestly don't know how he is doing. Why? partly because the locker room is dead. How dead? I posted in there on Jan 12th. That is the last post in there. If there was any less activity it would be US Government. Which makes me feel like it really doesn't matter if my player does good this season or not. If the rest of my team does not care enough to post in there why should I care about how my player is doing? it makes no sense to me. I honestly feel like im just in coast mode till the end of Ko Kane's career to finish off my time in this place we call a league.


3rd thought: Seattle has gone from top team in the league with only 3 losses to completely getting dominated by teams we shouldn't be losing that bad to. V2EH was having a great season till this downward spiral. Maybe even best goalie. Not anymore so when it comes to awards voting they will say this stretch is what killed it for him. Kinda bs if you ask me. Stupid excuse. But it is what they will say. It will be there excuse to not give my player another award. Much like like SWC3 will never be a HOF player even though he deserves it.


I honestly don't really have anymore thoughts abut this league. Not that I didn't try. But I just don't care enough anymore to do research. Not like I was ever known for it. I'm like a drone or a plane on autopilot. Looking to land and call it a flight. My flight is my career here. Sure I can leave now and just say fuck it. But I am not known for quitting. I see things through no matter how boring or annoying there are. Giving up is not something I do. Never have and never will. It's not loyalty to any of you or this league. That would be foolish and stupid. Why? because nothing I do on here or you do on here will further you in real life. Sure, some people may come on here to get away from real life. To forget things. But I don't. I come on here because I am bored. When I need something to do. i cannot  do anything on the stock market at it closes for the day. So while on set when I need something to do after I go on all of the other sites I go on, I come here. But lately I come on see nothing new and leave. One time I will leave and not come back. That time is quickly coming.

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Definitely sucks being in LRs that are dead. Obviously doesn't go over well with newer members either. I always was a fan of big seasonal threads dedicated to rookies, etc. I think the VHLM should have a big thread every season for all teams to just screw around in and talk. If they already have that, then good on that. :P Although I guess there's always Off-Topic and all the other areas of the site, but seeing a dead LR just sucks.

Good write-up.

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